Why Europe? Find out why here!

Why Europe? What is it about Europe that brings traveller’s back time and time again? For me I love getting lost in the history of the past there. Living in the U.S. anything over 200 years old are very few. In Europe every country has something ancient and interesting to explore. The Romans and Greeks did a wonderful job of building strong, characteristic buildings and temples. When I see tourists walk through a temple in let’s say Agrigento, it rare that you won’t find them feeling a column or wall to imagine what it was like hundreds even thousands of years ago. Years ago in at the Acropolis in Athens before they roped off the ruins to tourists we walked inside. Swept away by history and imagining what it was like to live back then, I could have sworn a little greek man in a white toga went running by. My husband thought it was too much ouzo the night before!

The ruins of Segesta in Sicily

How about visiting the ruins of Segesta in Sicily?

Another reason I love going to Europe is the scenery, where else can you find villages solidly built into the hillside? Down below are acres of vineyards with ancient rock buildings that used to store the harvest. Or driving through the snow-capped Alps in the winter with craggy mountain tops rising up to meet the stunning blue sky. My favorite is traveling by train passing through charming little towns with a tall steeple church in the main square. In the middle of town is a Roman bridge crossing over a flowing river . I also enjoy the high cliffs of Normandy on the coast of France while others like a stretch of beach and warm water to wade in. Imagine yourself sunning and swimming crystal clear Mediterranean waters in Mykonos, the Italian Riviera or even Split in Croatia. But then there is the food! There is something about Tuscany, I have never had a bad meal there, not even once! Savory Italian pasta’s are memorable and the best chicken marsala I’ve ever had was in Florence. I’m still dreaming about that meal!

The Eiffel Tower at night in Paris France

Is there anything more romantic than standing in front of the Eiffel Tower at night?


Art Nouveau door in Paris France

Or a one of a kind Art Nouveau door you can only find in Europe?

Watching the people in their daily lives and how they dress is really quite different from home. Fashion is very important in Europe although they are wearing more jeans it’s still a standout statement of who they are. Tourists and locals alike sit at outdoor cafe’s sipping on coffee or indulging in a hearty brew as a normal way of life.

I love watching the tourists as they enter a historical site with wonder on their faces of what it must have been like so many years ago. A good example is when someone see’s the Roman Coliseum for the first time as they walk out of the underground metro station, it’s almost unbelief! The WOW factor overcomes them and its a joy to see.

The Roman Coliseum at night in Rome, Italy

You can’t really tell by our photo but first time you glance at this historical landmark all you can say is “Wow!”. The Roman Coliseum.

Best of Europe

Walking along the beaches in the French Riviera breathing in the fragrance of perfumed suntan lotion while sunbathers in lines of loungers take in the sun. The surf in the bright azure seas calmly rolling in the sand is like heaven. The backdrop behind the beach hotels you can the quaint hilltop villages that you will visit maybe the next day. The villages which have had the same families living and working there for thousands of years have the same tiny winding streets of old to wander through. Old churches, smart boutiques and local artists draw in even the non shoppers. Grabbing a tasty gelato to take on your explorations is the best way to enjoy the day.

I don’t know about you but for me, these are all reasons Europe calls out to me. I hope you have a chance to go there and see for yourselves what wonderful memories you can create there.


  1. We live in Seoul right now, so we’ve been busy exploring Asia but our honeymoon on our way here was through central and eastern europe and I can’t wait to go back!

  2. Why Europe? Why not? I learned to love history through Europe though I just visited few countries there. What I like most is the freedom and comfort of walking around the hundred years of memories. 🙂

  3. Completely agree with you, we love traveling to Europe! I never really appreciated history much until we started traveling to Europe. I think the stunning architecture combined with the realization of how many years ago it was constructed it simply amazing.

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