Where’s The Adventure In You?

This trip we just knew that crazy things were going to happen even before we left home for Europe. Everyday we kept having a good laugh as these amusing antics kept happening. For instance this is just one of those hilarious situations that happened, we were giving our backpacks a try fully loaded to see how we would do with them during our trip, when husband helped to put mine on instantly I fell completely backwards onto the floor. I yelled at him for pushing me down and he just stood there laughing his head off. Turns out it wasn’t him at all instead it was the enormous load of supplies I just had to bring with me. So it was the weight that dragged me down not my husband. Needless to say I lightened my load quite a bit to my husbands amusement.

Round Tower part of the ruins in Andernach along the Rhine River in Germany

Another situation that happened before we left was when our friends threw us a Bon Voyage party before leaving. About 20 of our friends were a little too ripped so they stayed the night. We got out sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, couch cushions, whatever would work for comfort. When my husband and I decided to go to bed someone was already in our bed so we tried the other bedroom again taken. So we ended up on the floor laughing the rest of the night. So see, no surprise that we were in for an interesting trip.

This is just one of the hilarious situations we got ourselves into. We were in Cologne (in fact I celebrated my birthday there! ) and decided to take a riverboat up to Trier and explore the wine country. Along the way we could see what looked like a very cute village and asked if they were going to stop there. They said yes so we got off to check it out. The city of Andernach is too adorable for words where you dock. Pretty painted little buildings with cafe’s, shops and a couple hotels. Walking past this area we noticed what looked like once a fortified castle with well landscaped grounds. We found out that Andernach is one of the oldest towns in Germany hence the huge turret and fortified wall still there.

My husband wanted to go check out the turret but to me it looked like it was someone’s home so I said no let’s go do something else. That’s when he used the “Where is the adventure in you?” line. He was playing dirty, how could I still say no to that? So off we went to see what this medieval structure was all about. We passed through a welcoming archway with ivy or something like that growing over it to the main door. That wooden door must have been almost a foot thick! We walked through and immediately to our left was a spiral stone staircase integrated into the stone of the turret. Straight in front of us was what looked like it could have been a dungeon with another gi-normous wooden door. We opted for the stairs. About halfway up was a room that had furnishings in it that looked like someone was living there. Again I got the feeling it was someone’s residence but I kept that to myself. After a rather long climb we ended up at the top of the turret. It was awesome! The view in every direction was stunning! I was so glad we came up to have a look. The tower and balcony were so old and medieval that I felt like I was a queen looking out from the royal balcony at my kingdom. Just kidding….

Round Tower part of the ruins in Andernach, Germany along the Rhine River

We stayed up there for about a half hour enjoying ourselves until I got hungry so we started our trek downstairs. I noticed that the room that was open on the way up was shut, I also noticed that it wasn’t quite at bright as when we came up. When we reached the ground floor to leave that big door was closed AND LOCKED! We couldn’t get out and I was hungry! We tried to find a way to get out so we climbed back up the stairs and noticed a window not too far up. When we got there the window had metal bars running up and down that was put in so close together it didn’t give us enough room to squeeze through.

Not very happy at this point we decided to see if someone would notice us up in the balcony of the turret that could save us. There were 2 other people up there so we asked if they were from Andernach and if they knew how to get out. Nope both were from Holland on holiday but one was fluent in German. She taught us how to yell for help so there we all were screaming down to anyone who might hear us. I know we were pretty high up but there was no acknowledgement from passersby. The girls went downstairs to see if someone might hear them. While they were gone I don’t know if starvation was setting in but I could have sworn there were ugly ogres in the shadows that wanted to eat us or throw us down the 200 foot drop.

Finally after about a hour or so a constable was walking by who heard us. (who heard just fine by the way). He told us he knew where to find help. About 20 minutes later he came back. We literally ran down those ancient steps when it occurred to me that someone had turned off the lights and that’s why it was so dark!

When we got there you could hear the keys turning and “walla!”, the door opened. There were 3 men, the constable, a well dressed guy and then the one who was so drunk he could barely stand. He almost looked like a grungy Santa Claus. He was laughing the whole time especially when the 2 young girls told him off for locking us in on purpose. Wwe gave him our 2 cents worth and that’s all it took for him to roar in laughter! Seems he was delighted to have captured two American tourists! Apparently he was caretaker of The Round Tower who lived in the room I saw and for fun he liked to play pranks on tourists! At that point I didn’t even care anymore I just wanted to get something to eat.

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