Where Are We Headed Next?

After bringing my father in law back up to Oregon and working on getting his house ready to sell we are more than ready for a quick getaway. Where are we headed you may ask? Well, we were trying to decide on a few interesting destinations when out of the blue my son called and said he was heading over to Hawaii for a scuba dive. Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what our decision was. We are heading to my old stomping grounds for some sun, fun and a whole lot of good eating. Best of all we get to see Justin!


Oahu waterfall

Waterfalls, hikes and swimming in the falls. Can’t wait to get there!


Although I had lived there for 4 years somehow I missed a lot of interesting sights and things to do. Probably because I was embarrassed at the time to even remotely look like a tourist. Its one of those funny things you do to fit into living the Hawaiian way when you’re young. So I have learned my lesson and plan on being a full-fledged tourist this time.


Waikiki Beach

AloooooHA, Waikiki Diamond Head. We will be climbing your hillsides for a great view very soon!


First of all we are just visiting Oahu. Yes, I know, most people hate it there because it’s so busy and it doesn’t really feel like Hawaii. I know I may be stepping on toes but I really do love Oahu! First of all when you get out of Waikiki, Oahu has some of the most stunning tropical views in all of Hawaii. I love driving north of Kailua along the coast where there are rain forest streams and rivers that flow into the Pacific. Love the beach that looks out onto China Man’s Hat (except for the creepy looking crabs crawling sideways all over your beach towel), and of course more hiking on that side of Oahu.


Oahu ocean view

So okay I have been here before but sometimes you just need a re-do on fun times.


Researching a little over the past week or so I’ve found so many cool things to see and do that we have never done before and looking forward to giving you a full report on whether its worth it to see these places. So stay tuned for the latest info and fun on Oahu!



  1. Should be fun. Hawaii has been on my bucket list for some time now. How long will you stay?

    Have fun with your son and eat lots of tasty food!

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Having a great time in Hawaii right now. Its so much fun to be back enjoying the scenery, food, and the people. I really hope you can make it there Miguel and have the time of your life!

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