What’s the First Thing You want to Do in Vegas?

roulette tableAs a long term Travel Consultant I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some of the most hilarious responses from my clients. This one in particular is one of my favorites!

I had two elderly ladies who had been planning a trip to Las Vegas. I’m not kidding they came in at least 2-3 times a week for information and ideas of what to do once they got there. Can’t complain they were always upbeat and fun.

When their documents came in I checked to make sure everything was in order then called them to come in to pick them up. I thought it would be in the next day as it was getting late and we were getting ready to close. Nope! They made it just before the doors were to be locked. They sat down and I went over the doc’s with them to make sure they understood the tickets, the vouchers and airline rules. They were so giddy they could barely contain themselves. Finally finished they as they were about to leave I looked up and asked them “What’s the first thing you are going to do when you get to Vegas?” One of the ladies quickly said “I’m going to play Russian Roulette!” It was all I could do not to laugh hysterically! Then I quipped “I hope you get a BIG BANG out of that!” She didn’t get it. But they were going to Vegas and all is well.


  1. LOL! That is hilarious! Russian Roulette. How old were these ladies, anyway?

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Yeah, they were a lot of fun. They were probably in their early 70’s, but they sure had a lot of energy for their age!

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