What Is Your Favorite Part of Travel?

What is your favorite part of traveling? Mine has to be the morning that you leave. I love the anticipation that all of my hard work of Inside the Zurch Airportplanning is finally here. Its time to go to the airport where in my dreams I would live in one. Actually no I think I’ll change that to in my dreams I would be the pilot of a 747 aircraft! Not only do you spend time in the airport but get to go through security without waiting in long lines, you have the best views while and you spend your life traveling. Okay, I got off track a little. Again my favorite part of travel really is the first day, you have so much to look forward to. Living life to the fullest, exploring new sights, trying new foods and of course shop till you drop! Best of all its your first day you won’t even think about the return home.  I know a lot of people are happy to get back but I’m not one of those, to be on a perpetual vacation would be awesome! So there are some of my thoughts. How about you? What is the favorite part of your travels?

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