Mont Saint Michel Medieval Fantasy

Historic cobbled street that leads up to the abbey at Mont Saint Michel in France

Driving down the narrow curvy road on the Brittany Coast of France you are intrigued by the beauty. As you meander through the historic half-timbered villages that lace the French Countryside you pinch yourself to make sure its real. Passing by colorful fresh fruit stands you can’t resist stopping for a …

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London Paris Vibe

The Prince Albert memorial statue in Kensington Gardens, London UK

Starting with the London Vibe In London, it’s excitement! World-class plays, shopping, great sightseeing and drinking ales until the week hours of the morning. You can’t wait to sink your teeth into a good basket of Fish and Chips as only London can serve them up. Then take a walk through Hyde Park …

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Hotel du Champ de Mars Review

Finding the Hotel du Champ de Mars was an interesting start. Rick Steve’s has raved about the hotel and Trip Advisor had mixed but mostly positive reviews. What’s the biggest perk about this property? It’s conveniently situated in the very Parisian Rue Cler area. This part of Paris is trendy with …

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Luxury Places to Visit in Europe

Carcassonne Fortress walls

I’d like to introduce Marie Nieves. She has a passion to travel the world and share her adventures in each destination. Marie was kind enough to write a piece about luxurious destinations in Europe as a special guest post this week. I know you will enjoy this story as much as we …

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Sicily in 4 days (part 2)

Temple of Hercules at the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily

In my previous post on Sicily in 4 days you probably noticed there were only two. What I thought was going to be a quick guide ended up having more information than I expected. Thank you to those who have had the patience to wait for “part 2”. Sicily Day 3 …

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Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel

Mercure Eiffel Tower room in Paris, France

I chose this location thinking it would be very romantic. Of course you can’t go wrong with a Mercure property. They are clean, usually very modern and never once have had a problem with the service. After seventeen hours in the air and arriving at 7am I was ready to …

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On my way, flying to LAX

Well here I am boarding my Alaska Airlines flight to With an overnight at the LAX Crowne Plaza before flying to Puerto Vallarta. We have perfect weather here in Portland for flying, deep blue skies with puffy white clouds that open up for a grand view of the Cascade mountain range. The …

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Puerto Vallarta Get Ready, Here I come!

Puerto Vallarta beach in Mexico

It’s been 25 years since I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta. Sitting here I’m wondering how much it’s changed in that time. There were no all-inclusive hotels, in fact there were maybe half the hotels along the coast now. There was not much to do back then other than to sit on …

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Caparena Hotel and Wellness Club

The pool is one of the best parts staying at the Caparena Hotel and Wellness Club

  Traveling with an escorted tour you have to trust that your tour company will put you in a good hotel. Book a good tour company and chances are you will have a nice room. Taking a Trafalger Tour through Italy and Sicily almost all of our hotels were 3 star or better. …

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