Tripping Along in Venice

Touring with a group in Venice mid September all of a sudden an unexpected torrential downpour blew through. It was crazy with lightning and thunder, St. Marks Square was under 2 feet of water in less than an hour. My friends frantically looked for protection so we headed to St. Marks Basilica to wait out the storm. Have you ever heard the acoustics of thunder inside a hallowed golden mosaic church? The sounds reverberate from one end of the basilica to the other, high and low with loud thundering blasts that could just about deafen your ears. It actually has to be one of the most exciting visits I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing while visiting Venice!

Chiesa Santa Maria della Pieta church in Venice Italy

The Infamous steps

The storm finally broke about an hour later, we had to run to meet our group at the shuttle departing in 15 minutes. We were rushing along the Grand Canal when I noticed a small little church that has been closed every time I have visited and for once had its doors open. I told my friends to go on and have them hold the boat for me and I would be there shortly. Having my video cam in hand, I waltzed up the steps to the entry. There were 3 older Italian men sitting on a bench watching me as I ran past to get my shots. Taking less than 3 minutes to get my memories I ran out the doors so I would not hold up the group. Unfortunately rain and marble steps are the worst combination when on a mission and running late, and next thing I knew I saw my feet fly up above my head and I came bouncing down every single step and landed with and inelegant thud on my backside. I first checked to make sure I was still alive then shyly looked up at those wonderful Italian gentlemen who were trying so hard not to laugh their heads off but after looking at my face they just could not contain themselves then howled with laughter! They were laughing so hard it had me bursting with laughter! So with a quick wave I headed off to find the group had another good laugh when I told them all about it then continued on for more adventures.

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