Trier Germany and the Four Poster Bed

Traveling with my husband is always an adventure and sometimes downright hilarious. One that comes back to make me laugh was on a trip up the Rhine River. It was a long day of exploration old castles, cute villages and a mission to find my one of a kind stein. If anyone knows my husband, he is always looking for that perfect photo shoot so we had a lot climbing that day too. Traveling from Cologne to Trier is about 118 miles or 190km so it was not a long distance but with so much to see it took all day.


The Cologne Cathedral along the Rhine River in Germany

The Cologne Cathedral along the Rhine River

We finally got to our hotel around 8pm and checked in. It was a very small but intimate property and the rooms looked awfully comfy after our strenuous day. The 4 poster bed was calling to my tired husband so he dropped our bags and took a running leap onto the bed. That really was not such a great idea we learned very quickly since all 4 posters went sideways then to the floor. And there was my husband on the floor, eyes the size of a saucers. After a few seconds of figuring out what happened we both busted up hysterically, then grabbed a warm blanket to catch some Z’s.


The village of Trier Germany

The village of Trier


The Cathedral of Trier in Germany

The Cathedral of Trier


Sure do wish I thought of taking his picture that night in Trier!

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