Plan Your Perfect Vacation (part 2)

You have probably been checking out every vacation magazine article and book you could get your hands on by now. Idea’s are flooding in on where to go and top sights to see while you are there. But still you want to make sure that your two weeks are spent …

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Plan Your Perfect Vacation (part 1)

Two cruise ships in the ocean with a small fishing boat

Half the fun of going on vacation is the planning. It might start with a passing thought one day, then at some point it turns into a personal mission. Some travelers have already decided exactly what destination they want to visit, but many find it difficult choose with so many options out …

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Best Travel Hacks

Classy airport lounge

Trying to find the best travel hacks before you travel is beneficial. This is a dynamic world, especially in travel where its good to keep up on the ins and outs of easy travel. Here is our short list to make your trip a little less stressful. Airport parking hack …

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Making European Train Travel Easy

European train in the country

European train travel might just be a destination in itself. Passing by lazy small villages its fun to find the focal point which is usually the tall spire in the middle of town, the church. Traveling next to a busy river filled with river cruise ships and small boats carrying …

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