Toothpaste and Trains

How can toothpaste and trains be funny? This story can get a little disgusting but its a funny one, Keep reading and let’s see if you have a good laugh.

Taking the train

My husband and I traveled through Europe on our honeymoon, it was before they changed train cars over to airline style seats and got rid of compartments. To be honest I really enjoyed the compartments much more, it was almost like having a small hotel room and you get to know the people on longer itineraries intimately.

Italian train traveling over a viaduct in Italy

We were taking the train from Milan to Brindisi to catch a ferry to Greece. Finding our compartment there was a family also booked in our room. A mother with infant and husband, grandpa and grandma and us. Okay normally I love to get to know people in our travels but this family? Well wish we had a roll of duct tape and ear plugs. Everything started out fine but once it started getting dark for some reason they did not want to baby to sleep, once he started to get droopy eyed they would shake or softly slap him to wake him up, the poor child would be screaming at the top of his lungs! This went on all night! Not knowing Italian we couldn’t even ask if they would politely go to the restaurant car or someplace else so we could get some sleep.

Compartment onboard a train in Europe

Thank goodness they got off around 6am and we had the compartment to ourselves to lie down and get a little sleep. After a couple of hours it was time to get ourselves together before our stop in Brindisi. Off to the bathroom to clean up and brush our teeth, our hair and wash our faces. Back then trains had windows your could open and feel the wind on your face. My husband was doing just that while brushing his teeth, enjoying the warm sunshine and breeze. Staring out the window with a mouthful of toothpaste he thought why go and spit it out in the sink when he could leave his mark in Italy! So without thinking he spit the wad out the window. Unfortunately he didn’t look downwind and it wasn’t more than a second we heard voices going “Oh Euwwww!” and other Italian words we had never heard before. They got plastered with spit and paste! We looked at each other wondering what to do, should we run and hide? Should we apologize? Are we going to be kicked off the train for that? Well these two young men three windows down started laughing their butts off, they thought it was hilarious! We knew an apology was going to be accepted and it was.


  1. OMG, I never laughed so hard! You made my day with that story. Still LOL!

  2. Lesson to be learnt..try not to sit next to the window in a racing train during mornings. 🙂 Funny story, though.

  3. Hahaha! good thing the two young men had a great sense of humor. 🙂 I’ll remember this story the next time I brush my teeth or the next time I board a train 🙂


      Thank goodness those guys found it funny. Not so sure I would have taken it the same way. Gross!!! Just remember to use the sink instead of the window next time you take an overnight train.

  4. HAHAHA! Glad you had a good laughable ending to quite a ride! We did the overnight from Paris to Venice 2 years ago, and it was also compartments. Even having it to ourselves, it was an “adventure”. Love the story!

  5. Ha Ha…..that was total fail, you did not leave a mark on Italy though, your mark fell on somebody’s face.

  6. haha! What an awesome story to tell and a great reminder of your train travels in Europe!

  7. Well, the trains in India still have compartments and but maybe not as luxurious as in your picture. In fact. a lot of compartments have open windows. Not just the bathrooms.

    Trains are my favourite way to travel. If am not roadtripping on my motorbike, that is

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