Tips to Survive Long Haul Flights

Traveling on flights that last more than an hour or two can get old fast. Muscles start to ache, you feel squeezed in like a never ending bear hug and your stomach is boldly letting you know its ready for some real food. Here are a few tips to help you get to your destination maybe not refreshed but with a little more ease.

Underground tunnel at airport

1.  Reserve your seat before flying. First try to avoid sitting near the toilets, its can be high traffic area and noisy. Most frequent flyers prefer an aisle seat so they won’t have to stumble on sleeping passengers to get up and move around the cabin. I personally prefer a window seat to plop my travel pillow against the wall for a good sleep while traveling.

2.  Bring your own entertainment, music with headphones or ear buds, a tablet or laptop with lots of games and movies, magazines and books. Check with SeatGuru before leaving to verify whether your flight will have plug-ins for your devices. Bring along extra batteries just in case.

3.  Traveling to a different time zone? Be sure to set your watch after takeoff its a good start acclimating to your new time zone

4. Don’t forget a toiletry kit including moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, chap stick and best of all a moisturizing sleep mask for a refreshing nap.

5.  Pack a pillow! Not a large one from home, you can purchase a soft neck pillow to hold your head up to avoid neck cramps as low as $8.

6. Avoid dehydration, drink lots of water. Its best if you start a day or two before your flight. Better yet, drink electrolytes the night before with Gatorade, Propel Fitness Water or make your own. See a few recipes here

7. Purchase flight compression socks and take an aspirin when traveling long distances to help decrease the risk of DVT/blood clots.

8.  Plan your city sightseeing with a map and plan out a route so you’re not putting extra miles in your shoes running from one end of the city to other numerous times

9.  Condense your packing into a carry on bag. Its hassle free travel no checking in luggage and no long waits for airline baggage unloads and crowded carousels.

10.  Pack snacks, you can enjoy your fave’s and not have to pay outrages prices for onboard munchies. Cashews or your choice of nuts, protein bars, other healthy snacks, and of course chocolate

11. Bacteria is a vacation killer, don’t drink water out of bathroom faucets, ask for bottled water from your flight attendent

12.  Most long haul flights have video seat exercises its a great way to get your circulation going. Be sure to stretch often and walk up and down the aisles during quiet times.

13.  Check in online 24 hours prior to your flight and print out your boarding pass to avoid long lines at the checkin counter

14.  Arrive at the airport an hour prior for domestic flights and 2 hours for International. If you have an unreliable vehicle consider leaving earlier to play it safe

15.  Check with the airline or Flight Stats to make sure flights are on time before leaving home. Why sit at the airport for hours if the plane is running late?

16. Wear comfortable clothes that don’t wrinkle. Why would you want to sit in tight pants for hours on end?

17.  Avoid caffeine and too much sugar – Caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate you –  Carry an empty water bottle you can take through security. You can fill up at a drinking fountain on the way to your gate

18.  Pack a blanket, warm scarf or sweater to bring onboard it can get quite cold

19. Worried about the air filtration system? Start taking Airborn tablets a day or so prior to your flight. You can buy it at most stores or at the airport.

20.  When you reach the gate ask the agent if you could be put on the list for an upgrade I flew to Hawaii First Class for $175! Worth every penny!

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