Springtime in Holland

Acres of elegant floral Rainbows captivate your thoughts this time of year in Holland. A visit to a Dutch farm with elaborate rows of yellows, reds, orange, purples, pinks and mixtures of colors is a springtime delight. A new fringed petal hybrid seems to be all the rage the past few years. Everyone is lining up to purchase these precious bulbs for next planting season. I noticed this new fringed variety was most popular other than traditional red.

Spring tulips next to a wooden barrel


There are literally hundreds of Tulip farms north of Holland. The most well-known are between Den Helder and Leiden. If you have done your research on the best springtime gardens you will know this is where you can walk through Hollands most famous arboretum, Keukenhof Gardens. It will take hours to stroll through over 7 million flowers blooming this time of year. There are more than tulips here, the daffodils, hyacinths, hydrangeas, narcissus also dominate the scenery. Keukenhof Gardens is an easy 30 minute drive from Amsterdam.

Events of the season will keep you busy with concerts, parades, and tasting rooms at local distilleries. Learn how mustard created from seed to jar inside a local windmill or even visit a shop where they make the famous Dutch Wooden Shoes. It’s not just all about the flowers it’s about the culture of Holland.

Whited Fringed Hybrid Tulips

Whited Fringed Hybrid Tulips. They are gorgeous don’t you think? The other ones we got to see were pink with yellow, red with yellow and purple with white edges. Stunning!


Whited Fringed Hybrid Tulips

Take a closer look!


Get your exercise on by riding a bike on a special route to see the tulips. That is if the weather permits. One of the best parts about visiting Holland is that it is flat terrain which makes for an easy way to enjoy bicycling for even the faint of heart exerciser. But really, think about it, can you imagine pedaling down a small road on a sunny day with the wind in your face cycling past the most vibrant farmlands in the world?

Take a look at what you will see when visiting Holland during Spring

Exotic hybrid tulips

An assortment of exotic tulips. So many varieties so little room to bring them home.


An assortment of tulips of many colors

A beautiful assortment of tulips are hard to resist. I loved the ones that have a white outline along the top edges.


Rows of tulips that you traditionally see when visiting Holland in the Spring

Rows of tulips that you traditionally see when visiting Holland in the Spring.


Other ways to experience Tulip Season in Holland is by taking a river cruise with such companies as Viking River Cruises, Avalon, Uniworld even Tauck Tours has a ship. What I like about taking the cruise vacation is first of all its so easy! Rounding up your luggage and catching your transfers to the ship is probably the most difficult part of the trip. From there almost everything is included, your meals onboard, entertainment at night, and of course your tours. And I have to say meals are fantastic! European culinary at its best, in fact on one cruise we couldn’t wait for dinner to see what sauce they created, every night it was a new and flavorful, savory.


Bicycling near a windmill in Holland


Taking a river cruise give you the leisure time to not have to check into new hotels every day or two so its all “You” time! You can stay up late chatting with other cruisers over a drink at night listening to mellow music then sleep in if you want to although some of the tours can leave a little early. If you don’t want to do the scheduled tour that day you are free to do whatever you want but make sure you know the time of departure and prepare to be there at least a half hour prior. Sitting up on deck under a warm blanket as you pass by small villages while drinking some Dutch cocoa is the perfect way to unwind when you come back from touring the attractions.

The Holland Tulip Festival is a once in a lifetime event we should all have the chance to experience. You can see tulips at home but it doesn’t compare to seeing how its done in the country where Tulips come from.


  1. Very beautiful Tulips! I have never been to Holland, would love to visit it one day!

  2. Great subject matter, great topic, great blog. Loved going to Holland and would love to catch it in the famous flower fields season. Great work.

  3. I can’t wait to get to Holland in the spring time! Tulips are my favorite flower, so I think it’d be hard for me to not love it there 🙂 It also sounds fun to take a river cruise!

  4. Tulips are beautiful and you captured them perfectly! I’ve never seen a fridnged tulip before – I think they’re very pretty – do they only have them in Holland? (I know that sounds a ridiculous question, but I’ve never seen them in Australia!)

    • Thanks! That was the first we had seen of the fringed tulip also and were in love at first sight. I would think they have them everywhere now. Check with your local growers to see which ones do. The bulbs were a little on the expensive side but worth the price.

  5. I’ve been trying to squeeze in a quick trip to Holland this spring to see the tulips…but I’m not sure I’ll make it. Your pics are lovely and make me absolutely want to experience this in person. It’s not too far away from me, here in Germany, and so maybe I’ll just try a little bit harder now 🙂

  6. Hung Thai [Up Up and a Bear]

    So is this the “original” tulip farm/festival thing? We have one in Washington too 🙂

    • Yes I think it is and the U.S. has been bringing some of the excitement of the season and flowers in recent years. Gives us a small taste of what Holland is like this time of year. Although I would think Washington will have stunning views of the snowcapped Cascades behind the tulip farms for the best of both worlds.

  7. How stunning are the flowers ! I had tulips in my wedding bouquet so I am always rather partial to them.

  8. I missed spring in Holland and I really wanted to see the blooming Tulips. Still, I think Holland is one of the best cities (In terms of organization, terrain, cleanliness and more) in Europe. Loved it to bits.

  9. I’d been to Keukenhof 2 years ago and I would like to go back when given a chance. We just took the bus from Amsterdam. We never actually thought about going on a river cruise, maybe we’ll do that next time. 😉

  10. The tulips sure look stunning when in full bloom — especially when you can see fields full of different colours. That’s one thing I didn’t see when I was in the Netherlands (my visit was in late summer).

  11. It’s definitely the best time to go to Holland! I love seeing the flowers. We just went to the tulip festival here in Washington State. It’s pretty amazing too.

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