Rome’s 69 Manin Street Deluxe B&B Review

We booked 69 Manin Street Deluxe B&B after checking out the reviews from past guests for our trip to Rome. Although it wasn’t the neighborhood I would normally stay in the reviews were enough to try this unique hotel. Arriving into Termini Station it was a short walk to the property. Although it’s not the best area to walk around at night we felt at ease during the day. There is a questionable element but they left us alone and just stared at the tourists dragging they luggage behind them looking lost. We found the B&B it was right across from the police station. Walking through the huge decorative wooden doors they opened to an empty floor but we found our way to the elevator and punched in the floor we needed. Exiting the elevator to the left it led to another door where you check in. It was a small reception area but across from the front desk are a 24 hour cappuccino machine and fresh fruit and a short hallway to the rooms. A quick note, the front desk closes early unless you inform them of a late check-in before your arrival.

Hotel room bedroom with mirror behind bed

Nice decor at 69 Manin Street and very comfortable

suitcase on couch inside a hotel room

Plenty of room too!

Walking through the door we were immediately greeted by the owner of the B&B, who was friendly and absolutely beautiful! She escorted us to our room and showed us all the features. The room was modernly decorated and the bathroom had all the bells and whistles. The shower had a Jacuzzi style to it with sprayers that massaged your body. It was an in-house spa in a small corner of the bathroom. We had never seen anything like it before! I couldn’t wait for her to leave to give it a try but that would have to wait until we did a little sightseeing first.

Beautifully tiled bathroom in our hotel room

Fabulous bathroom!

Nearby fun to 69 Manin Street

Just down the street is the Basilica of St Mary Maggiore. The fountain alone is worth a look but inside the church is glittering golden mosaics on the walls and ceiling with tall marble columns lining up to the altar.

Legend has it that the Virgin Mary appeared to the Pope Liberius in an apparition, she told him to build a church where the snow settled otherwise known as Esquiline Hill. A funny thing happened, that night an outline of the floor plans showed up in a miraculous snowfall. Guess that was all the proof Pope Liberius needed to build this church! Also inside is a historic triumphal arch built with 5th century mosaics. Most noticeable is the gilded marble high altar used by the pope.

Santa Maria Church at night in Rome Italy

Back a few streets from the hotel is a great little restaurant seems to always have a crowd. Trattoria Al Fagianetto is a wonderful place for a nice meal. A highlight to this restaurant is the owner makes his own wine. Its the most requested item on the menu. Great food and reasonable prices averaging around 12 Euro makes this a good choice when in Rome. Fresh made pastas such as lasagna, cannelloni, carbonara, variety of seafood, chicken and vegetables are just a few items on the menu. The perfect end your meal by ordering traditional Italian tiramisu. Looking around the customers they seemed to be enjoying their meals as much as we were.

Also a block away from the B&B is a small convenience store where you can pick up your water for the day at an affordable price along with a few munchies.

If you worry about staying at Manin Street, don’t, there is a police station right across the street that keeps the bad element away. A funny thing happened one night as we were walking 3 blocks up. There happened to be a small car accident, and the guy who got hit was ticked! He furiously got out of his car went up to the driver who crashed into him and started whaling on his face with his fists! Within minutes there were 3 police officers on the scene, but this is hilarious, they just watched the fight! If I didn’t know any better they were betting on who would win! When they saw the driver had enough they finally broke it up. It was amazing in just those few minutes there must have been 50 people surrounding the cars to watch. But again don’t let that scare you we felt perfectly safe there, I just thought that was a funny story of a one time event.

69 Manin Street is an ultra modern charming property, 5 minutes walk from Termini Station. Smartly decorated spacious rooms with Jacuzzi Showers and free WI-FI. Extremely helpful staff will help you with restaurant, tour and other useful suggestions. We were happy with our stay and wouldn’t think twice about reserving a room there again in the future.

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  1. We also stayed near Termini station and had similar feelings about it being ‘bad’. We didn’t spot the police station though! Have a read about our trip here and let us know if you agree (or disagree) with our views!

    • Yes, I do agree with your views. We have been there a few times in August and the heat and humidity was bad except once. Although we never heard a tour escort talk about not coming to Rome in August quite a few waiters did. In fact they say most Southern Italy residents take their yearly holidays during that month to escape the heat.

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