Puerto Vallarta Jungle ATV Adventure

Wanting to get out to see the jungles of Puerto Vallarta I came up with a great idea, let’s do an ATV Adventure! Booking our excursion through the tour desk at our hotel I felt secure that this was going to be a good time.

The small bus pulled up to the lobby entry to pick us up. Five minutes later we were at Wild Treks Adventures where they outfitted us with helmets, goggles and scarves. We also received a quick instruction on how to use the ATV’s and hand signals our guides would give us while on the trails. The signals prompt us what gears to use along the way.

Miguel our guide is someone who loves to have a good time especially on an ATV. He’s good natured and funny but also takes care to keep everyone safe. Equipped with everything we need for a ride through the jungle we headed out.

The wild adventure starts

Driving through Old Town we rode single file through the streets with traffic actually stopping to let us all through safely. As we whizzed out of town on cobblestone roads we went through 3 or 4 small villages. They were so quaint and cute I wanted to stop and take photo’s but we were on a mission for the hills.

Stopping along a large creek we took the time for a photo-op and get to know some of the other riders. I was 3rd in line behind 2 girls about 25 years old who just didn’t know where the accelerator was. Timid wasn’t even a good word for them. The rest of us were dreaming of high adventure and fast fun! So what did I do? I would stop and let them get way ahead of me then we all were able to have a few spurts of excitement. Everyone seemed to appreciate that. Come on, this is suppose to be exciting!

We rode along a dirt road in the middle of a green jungle. We could hear the birds squawking protecting their nests as we rode by. I almost thought I saw a large cat at one point but figured it was daylight and it was probably just a tree stump in the bushes. Would have been cool to see one though! Hey, I’m on a quad, I don’t think they would bother us too much with the noisy machinery.

A little fun and refreshment midway through our ATV ride

After the trek through the forest we took another road into a deep jungle that eventually led to a very cool restaurant/bar. It’s located on a rocky cliff high above a lingering river with a few pools built into the rocks. The patio that overlooks the river and waterfall – yes a beautiful flow of jungle water crashing into the river below. It was the perfect place to have a Mango Margarita!

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They forgot to mention to our group from the hotel to bring our bathing suits otherwise we would have been jumping off those cliffs into the water like the other people on our excursion. Although it was fun watching them.

So those of us who didn’t bring our suits ordered lunch under a rugged thatched roof building and had a good time getting to know each other. First of all I want to mention how good the food was. I can’t tell you the name of the place, in fact I don’t know if it even has one! But it was way better than we were all expecting. And the salsa…. it was incredibly good.

Let’s Salut

What was next after the swim and lunch? Well we are in Mexico after all, so we went tequila tasting! As we were passing around the different flavors clinking our glasses with a loud SALUT, all I could think of is how the heck are we going to get back on our ATV’s? Then drive back through the streets of Puerto Vallarta?

We tried so many flavors I don’t think I could count them all. I can tell you a few of the favorites though. I think it was almost unanimous that the Mocha Vanilla was the best tasting, then the mango. Next came their aged premium golden, it was so smooth and rather romantic. It was the perfect way to end our adventure before heading back to the farm.

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As we were driving back I did try to get a couple phone shots of the small villages you pass through. I only wish I had it out as we drove by a local bar with horses tied to a wooden hitching post. No cars, no motorcycles, only horses. The bar was classic white with painted liquor ads on the sides with an old fashioned saloon door. And then, 3 very drunk customers after tying one on trying their hardest to climb up into their saddles. It was hilarious!

We ended our tour with a short debriefing a few pictures and a whole lot of memories. It was so great that when I got back I told John the other half of Two Travel Fanatics that I think our next purchase is going to be 2 quality ATV’s. Time to make our own adventures in the Pacific Northwest!


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  1. Sounds really interesting experience. Like to read it. Thanks

  2. Sounds like a really fun time! I’ve never gone ATVing before…. I should try it next time I’m in the Caribbean or something!

  3. Sounds like such a fun adventure! Love the story about the bar and the customers trying to get onto their horses. That must’ve been a sight! LOL

  4. Now you got me in the mood to go driving on dirt tracks! 😛 Great post

  5. What fun! I would so enjoy doing an atv excursion. The swimming area looks inviting. Tasting teqiula is always a good ending to a day of outdoor activities!

  6. This sounds like SO much fun! We love the outdoors and ATVing sounds like a great way to get outside and go a little crazy!

  7. Ah so jealous! My days of doing stuff like ATVing are gone for now… sounds like so much fun!

  8. This looks like amazing fun and something we have always wanted to try!!

  9. Sounds like you had a great time!! I was wondering how you all were going to get back after that tequila tasting! That’s my type of party! I rode ATVs in Mexico as well and jumped in a few cenotes! Unfortunately, I bruised my tailbone in the process! One of the worst pains I’ve ever experienced!!

  10. Oh ATV rides are so much fun. Did you ride yourself or pillion? I rode ATV for the first time last month and absolutely loved how powerful they were (or how they hurt my thumb as the accelerator was a bit hard and you have to keep pushing it to stay on track). The creek enroute sounds lovely too. We had a section where we rode by the beach so that was fantastic.

  11. Yeah loved the drinking and driving with Wild Trek adventures. We get to the restaurant and they said we’ll be here for 45 mins… so ok Ill have a beer, but 45mins turned into hour and a half (mexican time right?) … That meant three beers, plus the all the tequilla….. Well, I wanted to leave after 45 mins, had enough sitting around. I was paying for ATV riding. Instead I got drunk and had to ride back through dirt roads and the city drunk off my ass and on an atv for the first time in my life in a totally new city. . . Not the safest way to do things. I would have rather skipped the beers and overpriced tequila and got some serious riding in.

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Totally agree with you Kris. Even though the stop was in a nice area I would have much rather been riding the trails. I wish they would have had an area you could get your speed up a bit too. Because of 2 girls who were very timid riders it was a bit tame.

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