Prague Friday Hotel A Glittering Gem

Booking our hotel in Prague this time I wanted to do something a little different and the Friday Hotel looked like it would fit the bill. After staying at the U-Prince across from the Astronomical Clock, The Hotel Metamorphis in the Jewish Quarter, the Four Seasons and Prague Marriott. It was time to stay near Wenceslaus Square but still an easy walk to Town Square.

Doing a little research I found a small intimate hotel in a nice shopping area that had king beds. Yes, you heard me right, king beds! The reviews looked pretty good so we made a deposit and booked the Friday Hotel.

Prague Friday Hotel Balcony


Getting in around midnight I made sure to advise the hotel the week before we flew in which they appreciated.

Our taxi driver dropped us off about 75 feet from the hotel since it was on the corner of a pedestrian only street. We travel light so it wasn’t a problem at all and we felt very safe there. Walking through the doors you can’t help but notice the decor had a wild 60’s motif. We were instantly met with a joke from the night clerk telling us he had given up on us had to give the accommodations to another couple. He said it with such a huge grin we knew it was all in fun. He quickly checked us in and gave us the key to our room. We were very glad for the speedy process as we just got off a 24 hour flight.


Prague Friday Hotel lobby

The Friday Hotel Lobby


The Room

Taking the small elevator up a couple of floors we walked down a nicely decorated although somewhat dark hall where our room was at the end of a very short hallway. Throwing the door open to get our luggage in the first thing we noticed was WE HAD A BALCONY! Not even noticing the room yet we ran to open the french doors to look outside. The long balcony overlooked the a large shopping street with late night revelers strolling along or having coffee across the way. Although once the doors were closed it was very quiet in the room.

Looking out onto the balcony of the Friday Hotel in Prague

Our first view of the room was the balcony! What an amazing perk!


A view of the Friday Hotel from the pedestrian only mall in Prague , Czech Republic

A view of the Friday Hotel from the pedestrian only mall.


Going back in we saw how big and roomy it was in there. The large king bed had plenty of room on either side to move around without obstacles in the way. Two small lamps attached to the wall on either side of the bed gave reading light at night. Along the wall between the bed and balcony was a large desk with a small flat screen TV , padded chair, lamp and a museum quality framed mirror just above. A small sitting area was just behind with two leather padded old Victorian styled chairs on either side of a small round table with a bottle of wine and two tall wine glasses. Nice touch!


The bed in our room at the Friday Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic

The bed in our room. It felt larger than the normal king sized bed


The sitting area with our bottle of wine at the Friday Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic

The sitting area with our bottle of wine. Love the mirror too!


Next was a very large tiled bathroom with a high large sink with quality toiletries. A telephone is mounted on the wall next to the toilet. Although there was no bathtub the shower was decent sized enclosed with clear glass and another large shuttered window that looks out to the street below.


The shower at the Friday Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic

The shower was unique to say the least.


Bathroom amenities at Prague's Friday Hotel in the Czech Republic

The bathroom was large and loved the shower amenities! Had to take a few of those home with me.


View from the bathroom window at the Friday Hotel in Prague

And another great view from the bathroom. Who would have thought.


The room was beautifully decorated even though the lighting was somewhat dark. There was plenty of storage, more than we needed but if you are staying awhile its convenient.

The Food

Breakfast is included in the price at the Friday Hotel and what a breakfast it is! Most smaller hotels serve just the basics, croissants or toast and jam, maybe some pastries with coffee or juice. Walking into the breakfast room at the Friday I was in hog heaven! The buffet has just about everything you would want starting with not one but three kinds of scrumptious croissants, pain au chocolate, French with powdered sugar and one made like a cinnamon roll. All were fresh and crispy on the outside, moist and delicious on the inside. Other choices were a variety of yoghurt, cut fresh fruit and fried, scrambled or hard-boiled eggs. And this was only the beginning! They had all the bacon and sausage you could eat, baked beans, tomatoes with cheese, and a cheese platter. Then there was my favorite, fresh made crepes with fresh cherry-blueberry jam. There is still so much more but you have the idea, lots of food. Eating breakfast here and you are good until dinner.


The breakfast room at the Friday Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic

The breakfast room


Continental breakfast at the Friday Hotel in Prague

Check out these croissants!


Crepes and fruit at the Friday Hotel in Prague

Yummmmmm…. Crepes!


Nearby Attractions

The Friday Hotel is in the perfect location just minutes from Wenceslaus Square and the National Museum. The Old Town Square Astronomical Clock and spire towers of Tyn Cathedral is 5 minutes away, the Jewish Quarter about 10-15. You can take the metro situated just around the corner from the hotel to the bottom of Prague Castle then take a tram up to the entrance. If you walk figure about 25-30 minutes depending on how crowded the Charles Bridge is. I suggest to at least walk one way so you can experience the Coronation Road a royal route the Kings would take to the castle. The cobblestone road has a variety of fun little shops, restaurants and architecture.

Friday Hotel Staff

With 43 rooms individually decorated no two are the same. The staff was great they helped us to find a couple of unique things to do that most don’t in Prague. The restaurants they recommended were to notch but you need to make sure to ask for places they would choose to eat personally. The whole building was spotless even in the bathrooms.

Don’t you dare laugh!

One last note, BEWARE OF THE ELEVATOR! Yes, a funny thing happened as we were checking out and not to be mean or anything but I blame my husband. Taking the small elevator to the first floor to check out my husband took his time getting out of the elevator and the doors closed on me. I couldn’t get out! the doors wouldn’t open, the buttons to different floors didn’t work either. Gasp, I was stuck in the elevator! I screamed for my husband as soon as the doors closed but do you think he was listening? Of course not! So I kept on screaming for help. I finally sat on the floor hopeless that anyone would ever find me. I was going to spend our whole trip in a tiny metal room with no toilet in sight. And then just wait until I finally get to see my husband again, boy was he going to pay for this! You wouldn’t believe the horrible thoughts I had on what I was going to do to him. Sitting there smiling uncontrollably like a crazy person suddenly the elevator jolted. No, was there actually the slightest hope of freedom? Yes! The elevator started to move! Would the doors open when I got to where we were going? The suspense was almost too much to bear! The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened and there was light! I grabbed my bag and ran out of the prison. An elderly couple were waiting to get on this trap and I warned them not to do it. But alas then got on the elevator to take their chances. Not me! I pick up my bag and headed for the stairs. As I got to the bottom, there was my husband but I was so glad to be free I wasn’t even mad anymore. That was until he quipped “Where have you been? You’re the one with the credit card to pay for the room!” Then what I thought was hours turned out to be just 15 minutes!

So would I recommend the Friday Hotel? You bet! If you are on a budget but still want quality rooms then its one of the best hidden gems in all of Prague!

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