Plan Your Perfect Vacation (part 2)

You have probably been checking out every vacation magazine article and book you could get your hands on by now. Idea’s are flooding in on where to go and top sights to see while you are there. But still you want to make sure that your two weeks are spent living your dream, doing it your way. Here are a few more idea’s to help you get there.

sitting on a tropical beach with palm and coconut trees

Sitting back enjoying a relaxing vacation on a tropical beach is tops on the list

Warm Destinations

Dreaming of warm tradewinds brushing over your sun soaked skin on a sandy beach? Palm trees lining beaches and streets filled with tiny shops and cafés? How about fragrant tropical flowers in full bloom? Here are some points to see if this is what you are looking for.


  • Warm
  • Lots and lots of sun
  • Oceans, seas and waves
  • Long, wide sandy beaches
  • Come home with a beautiful tan
  • The smell of coconut tanning lotions
  • Large well maintained resorts, small intimate hotels or home-style condos
  • Great for families
  • Perfect for Honeymoon or romantic getaways
  • Relaxation
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Wind surfing
  • Walking along the beach at sunset


  • Hawaii
  • Caribbean
  • Florida
  • Southern California
  • Mexico
  • South Pacific: Fiji, Tahiti, and Cook Islands
  • Australia
  • The Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean, Tyrrhenian, Ionian, Alboran Seas, Bay of Biscay 


  •  Sunburn, other than that there is none

Cross country skiing


Weave and wander through majestic snow capped mountains then top off your day with a soothing warm drink in front of a crackling roaring fire.


  • Amazing beauty
  • Spectacular views
  • Snow
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Nordic skiing
  • Heliskiing
  • Sled dog rides
  • Sleigh rides
  • Sledding
  • Master a mountain
  • Ice climbing I
  • ce skating
  • Snow mobiling
  • Family fun
  • Lots of laughs
  • Picnic on top of the mountain
  • Good exercise
  • Thrill seekers will love black diamond runs
  • New skiers will love the bunny slopes
  • Ski School from experts who have a passion for skiing
  • Après ski
  • Ambience
  • Winter festivals
  • Mountain tours
  • Choices from Gourmet restaurants to sizzling hamburgers 


  • Cold
  • Price of a ski lift ticket
  • Weather may not be cooperative especially early in the season
  • Slopes could be icy
  • Problems with chairlifts and gondolas
  • Long lift lines during peak season
  • Busy restaurants
  • Make sure you stay on the trails or you could have problems
  • Getting run down by an inexperienced skier 

Jet ski's coming in on a tropical beach


Soft Adventure

Exciting but not overly dangerous or physically demanding. This kind of vacation appeals to all age groups from young school children to the lively senior citizen.

Man snorkeling in tropical withers with GoPro


  • Exciting
  • Interesting
  • Fun
  • Unique from the normal vacation
  • Normally an outdoors holiday
  • Not monotonous
  • Perfect for photographers
  • Small groups
  • See how other ethnic groups live first hand

Types of soft adventure vacations:

  • White water rafting
  • Bike tours
  • Hiking
  • Windjammer sailing
  • Bird watching
  • 4 wheel drive adventures
  • Kayak a safe river, lake or ocean
  • Animal safari
  • Ski adventure
  • Snowmobile adventure
  • Whale and sealife tour
  • Swim with humongous Whale Sharks
  • Barge cruising a European River
  • Tour a rainforest
  • Ecological adventure


  • Expensive
  • Not usually near a large city for those shopaholic’s. Book post days in large cities to enjoy some exciting city life.
  • Some adventures are out in the wilderness and may not have good water
  • (Check with Tour Company to be prepared)
  • Very early morning departures for the best viewing of animal life
  • Some tours may have small baggage allowance
  • Backcountry tours could have terrible road conditions

Autumn in Carcassonne France



Explore the wonders of the world. Wander through famous museums filled with world renowned artwork, cruise down famous rivers lined with historic architecture and maybe a castle or two. Experience a farmers market firsthand where fast paced bantering between the sellers echoes down aisles filled with ripe tomatoes, celery, lemons, purple grapes and other vibrant foods. Past history comes alive as you physically touch a Corinthian column, walk through ancient Roman arches, or sit in a famous Opera House where you can listen to a Renaissance opera in period costumes. You might even want to try a cooking class in France or Italy or take a horse back riding from castle to villa in Tuscany. Transportation buffs may want to tour some of the car manufacturing plants like Alfa Romeo or Ducati, or trace the footsteps of Luther and his reformation. Educational tours are on the rise with new companies cropping up with new itineraries each year.

Little girl learning how to paint in a vibrant flower garden


  • Learning the fun way
  • Take a tour
  • Travel on your own
  • Be a part of the past, present and future
  • Stroll through charming towns and villages
  • Learn a new language
  • Experience new cultures
  • Get more out of the trip than just sightseeing
  • Awareness of different social structures

Where to book Educational Tours


  • Educational tours can be expensive
  • Traveling with a group
  • Early mornings
  • Late nights
  • Fast paced itinerary 

Perfect place for a family vacation in Waikiki Oahu Hawaii

Family Travel

Family vacations are filled with wonder for the young ones but for parents that could be a different story. Finding the right destination should be tops on the list. Children of just about any age get bored easily and that can wreak havoc with your nerves. Some families visit friends and family while others plan a theme park adventure. You normally can’t go wrong with theme parks as they enjoy the rides and the busyness of the park. If the kids wear you out at the park just go back to the hotel and relax next to the pool where they will still have a good time. Other popular hotspots with families are beach destinations like Hawaii or Cancun, or take a cruise where your kids can make plenty of friends with their children’s programs while you have fun with adult activities. Another great idea is to take special family program escorted tours. In fact Tauck Tours has special Grandparent/Grandchildren tours and are very popular.


  • A time to reconnect as a family
  • Make memories and funny situations you will talk about for years to come
  • Get to know your kids in a whole new way
  • A family trip is fun for all 


  • Stressful situations can arise
  • Dealing with luggage for the whole family
  • Ultimately you will forget to pack some much needed item for one of the kids
  • Boredom
  • Crankiness
  • Sibling arguments
  • Kids can get distracted then lost (make sure the older ones have a cell phone with them, for younger children put your cell number in a pocket)

Small but very colorful waterfall in the Cascade Mountain Range of Oregon


Explore the worlds most beautiful out of the way places. Climb to the top of the Rockies, walk the ruins of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, or meander the lush rain forests of Costa Rica. Photograph the striking pinnacles of Patagonia and the Lake District with its rugged fjord’s and glacial lakes, or stop at a little known village in the hill country of Slovakia. Hike yourself silly all day then enjoy dinner over a blazing fire. You can pack on your own and go at your own pace or you can join a tour that has everything including what and where you eat planned out for you. Most of the walking or packing tours will be day hikes with a comfortable hotel bed and a glass of local wine waiting for you at the end of the day.


  • View indescribable grandeur
  • Take in fresh air
  • Visit off the beaten path destinations
  • See lakes, volcanoes, valleys, temples, vistas and villages only found by hiking
  • Get away from civilization
  • Meet locals and see how they live
  • The chance to see wildlife at its best
  • Slow your life down and smell the flowers
  • Great exercise

 Tour Companies


  •  Sore feet and blisters
  • Sore muscles
  • While hiking there are no modern conveniences
  • Could run into bad weather
  • Carrying a pack


Other Ideas

We have touched on the most popular types of travel but here are a few more suggestions that did not fit into any of these categories.

  • Las Vegas or gambling vacation
  • Fall foliage tours
  • Broadway Plays weekend
  • Shopping trips, a favorite would be the Christmas Markets of Europe
  • Spiritual
  • Spa Vacation, the total me vacation
  • Missions, where you help out people in need

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect getaway today!


  1. Very good coverage of vacation ideas with Part 1. Lots of categories here.

    When you decided planning towards Southeast Asia, come see the Philippine Islands too 😀


      I will definitely email you when we decide to visit the Philippines. There have been many new articles and photo’s that are enticing us to see it soon too!

  2. Great information. I’d like to plan a winter trip, and when I do, skiing will be on my list. I hope I don’t run someone over or get run over!! 😅


      Ski season is coming up quick this year. You will be skiing again before you know it! LOL, don’t get hurt or become a human snowball!

  3. I’d pick educational from your lists. Good questions to ponder. I live at a beach and for whatever reason, that always seems to be vacationers #1 pick. Definitely not mine.


      Educational trips are one of my faves too. You are fortunate you live at the beach, do you ever get tired of the tourists?

  4. Loads of great information! You give great ideas for trying to decide where to go for vacation! It’s nice to take a variety of vacations and not do the same type every time.


      Exactly, you really understand travel! Variety teaches you so much more about the world, culture and adventures!

  5. I love the mountains and we are hikers so I have that planning down! I love learning the history of where I am at, so learning is always high on my list. These are good lists especially if your trying something new.


      Thanks Lisa! Have you found that planning sometimes is half the fun? You learn so much more about where you are going than just getting on a plane and winging it. Although that can be fun at times too depending on your destination.

  6. very good informational post – well documented with supportive photographs. I li go with Backpacking

  7. Great topic! It’s always hard to pick where to go and what to do when you are just starting to plan a trip. I love the description “soft adventure” I may use that going forward! I’m not a daredevil, but like some adventure.

  8. Love these ideas…educational tours appeal most to me! Include Enrichment Voyages (cruises). But they can be expensive, as you said!

  9. This is well written! With our travels we always want to see the educational side of what we are doing, because with us it makes us learn more and know one’s history.

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