Paris Attacks

Pray for ParisFlipping on the TV this afternoon I was hit with shock. Paris was under siege by terrorists and there were many hostages and deaths. Last I heard there are 127. What is happening? How have we become a world that is so unpredictable? Planning a night out for a concert, dinner or even grocery shopping has ended in tragedy today.

Is this a mere look into an unstable future? Or is this something we will need to think about before leaving our homes? Is this the fault of anyone, anything or even ourselves? Is it our countries that think they are noble letting in refugees who are tortured in their own countries? Or is it we are being fooled to believe that’s who they are. Is this going to change the way we live our lives from now on? I for one hope not but you can’t deny there is a huge change in the dynamics of the world.

Paris statue of horses and libertyWhat are our leaders going to do about this? Do they even know how to handle this situation? Do some of them even really care? I hope they all do. I have questions, lots and lots of questions. Especially since we have grown up with freedom and liberty.

I think of how the Parisians and all of France must be feeling right now and saddened with what they are going through and how they will need the worlds strength to get them through the healing process.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people involved in the terror attacks in Paris and to their friends and families also.


  1. A very sad time for the world, especially Paris. I have had the same questions you presented.

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