Top 10 Captivating Places in Europe

Place de la Concorde Fountain in Paris France

There are so many wonderful places in Europe that have atmosphere, beauty and fun it was hard to decide. Some are well known while others are less traveled but it doesn’t mean one is better than the other, just different draws to the imagination. While one city may draw romantic …

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Hidden Oahu (part 3)

Secluded beach in Hawaii

Here we go, hidden Oahu part 3 and it’s another 6am day. Today I think will be one of my favorites. We heard from a local my son met about a lava phenomenon called the “Mermaid Caves”. What is this you may ask? It’s a large lava flow sliding towards the ocean. …

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Making European Train Travel Easy

European train in the country

European train travel might just be a destination in itself. Passing by lazy small villages its fun to find the focal point which is usually the tall spire in the middle of town, the church. Traveling next to a busy river filled with river cruise ships and small boats carrying …

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Hidden Oahu (part 2)

On the beach below Diamond Head Lighthouse in Honolulu, Oahu

The alarm woke us at 6:00a.m, it was so hard to roll over in bed to turn it off.  Now why would we want to wake up so early on what would normally be a relaxing vacation? What was the plan? To discover more of the hidden Oahu! Today we needed to …

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Finding the Hidden Oahu (part 1)

Tropical grass hut Hawaiian's used to use hundreds of years ago in Hawaii

Oahu might have changed a little from what I remember when I lived there, but we still found a few hidden places I never even knew were there. That’s why I thought for our second day I would show you some of the hidden Oahu. Places not all tourists go to. This …

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I Made it to Hawaii!

Hula dancer

I can’t believe it, my feet are on solid ground and I made it to Hawaii! I made it and AloooooHA Oahu! Never have I been so glad to be off a plane, it’s usually one part of the trip I adore. Now that I’m here its time for fun in the …

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Did I make the flight to Oahu?

At the gate at the airport

After an epic day yesterday at the airport then making a fast track to the doctor, you are probably wondering if I made my flight to Hawaii today. Still coughing after seeing the doctor and so tired I fell asleep at about 7pm. It was a good thing I set my …

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Booked and ready for Hawaii

Plane and palm tree

Uh oh, Booked and ready for Hawaii, but will we actually make our flight?  I caught the flu a week before traveling and unfortunately it turned into bronchitis. Staying at a Park and Fly Hotel the night before I ended up coughing the whole night and felt crappy the morning …

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Where Are We Headed Next?

Oahu waterfall

After bringing my father in law back up to Oregon and working on getting his house ready to sell we are more than ready for a quick getaway. Where are we headed you may ask? Well, we were trying to decide on a few interesting destinations when out of the blue my son …

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Trier Germany and the Four Poster Bed

The Cologne Cathedral along the Rhine River in Germany

Traveling with my husband is always an adventure and sometimes downright hilarious. One that comes back to make me laugh was on a trip up the Rhine River. It was a long day of exploration old castles, cute villages and a mission to find my one of a kind stein. …

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