Arriving Into Puerto Vallarta

View of the sea from our room at the hyatt ziva in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

After a good nights rest we got up early to make our flight to Puerto Vallarta. Lucking out we received a TSA pre-check and got through security in record time. It’s amazing how many people try to sneak their way through the short line, and amazingly enough some actually make it through. I …

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On my way, flying to LAX

Well here I am boarding my Alaska Airlines flight to With an overnight at the LAX Crowne Plaza before flying to Puerto Vallarta. We have perfect weather here in Portland for flying, deep blue skies with puffy white clouds that open up for a grand view of the Cascade mountain range. The …

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Puerto Vallarta Get Ready, Here I come!

Puerto Vallarta beach in Mexico

It’s been 25 years since I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta. Sitting here I’m wondering how much it’s changed in that time. There were no all-inclusive hotels, in fact there were maybe half the hotels along the coast now. There was not much to do back then other than to sit on …

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Plan Your Perfect Vacation (part 2)

You have probably been checking out every vacation magazine article and book you could get your hands on by now. Idea’s are flooding in on where to go and top sights to see while you are there. But still you want to make sure that your two weeks are spent …

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Plan Your Perfect Vacation (part 1)

Two cruise ships in the ocean with a small fishing boat

Half the fun of going on vacation is the planning. It might start with a passing thought one day, then at some point it turns into a personal mission. Some travelers have already decided exactly what destination they want to visit, but many find it difficult choose with so many options out …

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Travel Paris Painlessly Ride a Velib’

Riding a Velib' bike down a Paris street

Want to explore Paris without having to deal with crowded buses and metros? Walking and public transit isn’t your only option these days. The “City of Romance” offers a pick up, drop off bike venture that is sure to please. It’s easy to use and so much fun! Look for …

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Best Travel Hacks

Classy airport lounge

Trying to find the best travel hacks before you travel is beneficial. This is a dynamic world, especially in travel where its good to keep up on the ins and outs of easy travel. Here is our short list to make your trip a little less stressful. Airport parking hack …

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Caparena Hotel and Wellness Club

The pool is one of the best parts staying at the Caparena Hotel and Wellness Club

  Traveling with an escorted tour you have to trust that your tour company will put you in a good hotel. Book a good tour company and chances are you will have a nice room. Taking a Trafalger Tour through Italy and Sicily almost all of our hotels were 3 star or better. …

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Asleep at the Wheel Over Iceland

Aircraft in sky flying above the clouds

Planning our 4 month honeymoon to Europe was no easy task. It took a year to get it right! We were so excited and actually were looking more forward to the honeymoon than the wedding ceremony. As a present we received tickets on Icelandic Airlines from Los Angeles to Luxembourg with …

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Best of Belgium

Belgium, a land of fairytale castles, the best artisan chocolate, flavorful beers and notable museums and architecture. Located on the North Sea it is part of the Benelux countries with Belgians speaking three distinct languages, French, Dutch and German. This small country is about the size of Maryland and within …

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