On my way, flying to LAX

Well here I am boarding my Alaska Airlines flight to With an overnight at the LAX Crowne Plaza before flying to Puerto Vallarta. We have perfect weather here in Portland for flying, deep blue skies with puffy white clouds that open up for a grand view of the Cascade mountain range. The snow is still covering Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson. I can even see our house as we are flying over it, is that awesome or what?

On the tarmac and getting ready to take off at PDX Airport

Getting ready to take off at PDX Airport. It’s a beautiful day to fly!

Flying the friendly skies

The other awesomeness of this flight is that it’s half empty. It’s been years since I have flown with an empty seat beside me. Gasp, unheard of! I was beginning to doubt that aircraft could leave the Tarmac until there was a completely full plane.

What is with a lot of passengers these days? I love the window seat but the new fad is to close the window so no sunlight is allowed inside. I’ve been getting dirty looks from some but sorry I paid for my seat also and besides that I like to look out! I’m very good at amusing myself with my camera in-route.

Flying over the Columbia River from Portland Airport with 2 ships in the water

Taking off towards the west we are flying over the business district of the Columbia River. You can see a couple of the boats who bring goods into the port today.

Flying over the Oregon Cascade Mountain Range with the jet engine in the shot

Flying over the Cascade Mountain Range I tried to get a shot of my house but as you can see the window is a little scratched up.

Puerto Vallarta is sounding really good right now. Sunshine, sparkling pool and comfy chaise lounges to take in total relaxation. I think a hot rock massage will go nicely with this trip too. But to be honest I’m not much for taking it easy, especially when traveling. Travel in my book is all about exploring, adventure and fun. If there is time for swimming after a day of touring then that’s an added perk.

On the tarmac at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California

We are here, halfway to Puerto Vallarta!

The plane is approaching the airport, time to put all our electronics away. Can’t wait to tell you about the seaside all-inclusive Hyatt Ziva in my next post!


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