Did I make the flight to Oahu?

After an epic day yesterday at the airport then making a fast track to the doctor, you are probably wondering if I made my flight to Hawaii today. Still coughing after seeing the doctor and so tired I fell asleep at about 7pm. It was a good thing I set my alarm for 3am or I would never had made it to the airport on time. Once I grabbed my bag and threw it into the trunk of the car I noticed I was actually feeling pretty good! Turning on some good old rock and roll I be-bopped all the way to PDX. Luckily we still had our park and fly sticker and the Marriott was kind enough to let me keep my parking spot without paying another fee. I also got there just in time to catch the shuttle to the airport.

Walking to the gate at the airport

Walking to my gate there is my Alaska aircraft to Hawaii

Unfortunately again the coughing attack hit me on the shuttle. The fear of flying at 35,000 feet with no land in sight for 5 hours was starting to creep up again. Was I going to make the flight to Hawaii? Is Justin going to propose to Yana and I’ll miss the whole event? Am I going to miss seeing the changes on Oahu that I have missed for the past 15 years? (I think I mentioned before that I had lived there for 4 years previously.) I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks! Will I have to stay in a lonely house all alone pinning away for my family? Who would have thought? Normally when John has to leave for a few days I love having those few hours of independence and lots of time with my friends. But thinking about where he is and not being there it doesn’t seem like much fun this time.

Dropping me off at departures at the airport I have to force myself to the gate and try again. Hacking through the airport you should have seen the travelers looking at me! I guess they don’t know I’m not contagious and have been on antibiotics for the past 2-3 weeks. Really can’t blame them for looking at me like that, I would probably do the same if I heard someone sounding that disgusting too.

Finally making it to the gate I noticed it was the same guy working the gate as yesterday. He didn’t even remember me! That’s a little discouraging! Funny as soon as I got to the gate my cough quit. The fear started leaving and a little excitement replaced it that I just might make the flight after all. Know what? They still have not asked for the doctor’s note either!

At the gate at the airport

The call to board came over the loud speakers. Should I or shouldn’t I get on that flight? Will it go well? Will I scare the passengers with the way i feel? Will the flight attendants give me that look of disgust as they serve me? I finally decided I have to do this for my son. He had better appreciate how much I sacrifice for him! LOL!

Boarding I noticed this craft is actually very small for flying to Honolulu. A 737 with a 3 and 3 seat configuration across. Very tiny! At least I have a window seat so I can rest against the wall and get a little sleep along the way. Not much leg room but I have my “Foot Nest” so I do have good body alignment and some comfort.

This is where things get interesting on the flight!

It didn’t take long before we were up in the air. So far so good and only a few hacking coughs. I had great seat mates and they understood I was not contagious. But a very strange thing happened which I think freaked out the whole plane. Halfway through the flight (of course….) I started to feel a little nauseous, looking to see if they had a barf bag but there wasn’t one to be found anywhere! Getting a little worried I got up to run to the lav’s, you know, just in case. Making my way through the aisle as quick as I could and I was almost there. Suddenly this is where things got very weird. I heard a voice asking me “Can you move?”, “Can you hear me?” and all I could think of is, Come on, leave me alone I just want 5 more minutes of sleep! Then I noticed I was on the floor between the seats in the aisle. OMG, I PASSED OUT! And on a plane! And everyone was looking at me!!! What the heck just happened? The masculine voice behind me asked if he could take my blood pressure and asked other medical questions. Turns out this man was a neurosurgeon and a very good-looking one at that! He checked me out right there in the aisle way then declared me good once I told him about the bronchitis. I was so embarrassed, a world traveler for most my life and always healthy and to find myself on the floor! Everyone was looking at me their eyes as big as saucers thinking the worst!

Topping that off there was a brand new flight attendant on this flight who found this whole ordeal fascinating. After getting up and finding a seat nearby she was all excited that she gets to work with me. Big smiles she told me to get ready for a good time because she will be hooking me up with some oxygen. Actually she was very cute and wanted to stay with me to make sure I was okay. Next many of the passengers came up to see how I was doing and ask if there was anything they could do to help me out. Very nice! Embarrassing but nice! I started to feel like royalty with everyone wanting to make sure I was good and comfy. I actually felt great. Best part? The pilots put the pedal to the metal and we arrived into Honolulu 45 minutes early! Not bad!

Sitting on a coconut tree in the sand along the tropical ocean in Hawaii

Feeling better, feeling relaxed and YES, I finally made it to Hawaii!

So even though this was probably one of the weirdest flights I’ve had, I found people really do care, oxygen really does make you feel better and I made it to Hawaii so I can be with my family! And hopefully a new daughter in law in the making!



  1. Oh man, I can’t imagine passing out on the plane! Crazy. I’m glad you made it to Hawaii and are feeling better. It’s a good thing they didn’t have to make an emergency landing!

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Thanks Laura, I hope this is something that will never, ever happen again. It was embarrassing to say the least. In fact I hope no one ever has to go through it but now I can say that I got to have first class service in an economy seat! 🙂

  2. So glad you made it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. That’s such a fascinating story! I’m really glad you braved the flight even if you passed out 35000 feet above the ground! I’m sure your son will definitely appreciate your efforts! Nice one

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Thanks Paul! I’m not so sure about the appreciation part but my son sure had a good laugh about it! What we do for our kids…. 😀

  4. I was wondering if you had made it or not! Glad to hear that you did. And I’m so sorry to hear about your experience passing out on a flight! That had to be a little scary, but glad you are ok!

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Thanks Holly, it was a weird experience and with all the years I’ve been traveling you would think I’d have seen it all. Just didn’t know it was going to be me who would pass out on a flight!

  5. Interesting. I’m hoping I’ll make all of my connections this summer, I’ve 4 hours at the airport on some legs, but only 50 minutes in others – one can only hope. I’m also worried as I’m supposed to meet a friend in my hometown, and would hate to miss the connection, and make them wait.

  6. Sounds like a dramatic journey! Well done for making it!

  7. Oh yayyyyy! I’m so happy you got there. Thanks for the story 🙂

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  8. I knew you’d make the flight! Just didn’t anticipate you passing my out. Good thing you had a hottie MD to assist you. 😉 Hope the rest of your trip went smoothly.

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      LOL, the hottie was indeed an added bonus to the flight! Thanks Theresa, the trip is going very well.

  9. How scary but what a good story for the future haha! How lucky that there was a hot neurologist and a friendly flight attendant too!

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