Luxury Places to Visit in Europe

I’d like to introduce Marie Nieves. She has a passion to travel the world and share her adventures in each destination. Marie was kind enough to write a piece about luxurious destinations in Europe as a special guest post this week. I know you will enjoy this story as much as we did!

Travelling is always an amazing experience, but when traveling on a budget you always have to think about money. At times you may have to limit your options because some of them are just too expensive. Therefore, I decided to visit some of the most amazing destinations in Europe and spend some time living in the lap of luxury. You know what? It was worth every penny and I had the most lavish experience in my life. Should you decide to follow in my footsteps, here’s a list of places that you must visit!

Here are a few luxury places to visit in Europe

Carcassonne Fortress walls

Carcassonne, France

If you’ve always wondered what strolling down the streets of a medieval city would feel like? A visit to the town of Carcassonne will let you experience it firsthand. The moment you enter the town, you will feel as if you were in a fairytale. It’s believed that the palace in Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was inspired by Carcassonne. Once you experience that sleepy, enchanted vibe, you will believe it, too. While there, visit the castle Le Château Comtal and the church La Basilique Saint Nazaire. The Romanesque-Gothic architecture is top-notch. Among many other attractions one you shouldn’t miss is the Carcassonne’s cartoon museum. Then cross the bridge over the River Aude where you can enjoy a sensational view of the illuminated citadel. This was one of the most memorable Mediterranean destinations that I’ve visited.

Carcassonne towers in France

Image 2 – Carcassonne, Source

Cinque Terre, Italy

Located on Italian Ligurian coast, Cinque Terre consists of five fishing villages that you can reach not only by car but by boat or train also. Each village is pedestrian only, if driving you leave your vehicle in a parking lot along the road above. These villages, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, are a perfect location for a luxurious getaway from the rest of the world. The unspoilt landscapes of craggy cliffs, terraced vineyards and panoramic paths are every trekker’s dream. One of the main attractions is the coastal path that connects the five villages, so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a walk through the scenic landscapes. You should start in Riomaggiore, follow the path passing through Manarola, Corniglia and Vernazza, and finish your walk in Monterosso where you can enjoy sandy beaches and clear blue water. Each of the villages is beautiful in its own way and you will be reluctant to leave, trust me!

Village of Manarola in Cinque Terre Italy

Image 3 – Cinque Terre, Source

Praia Dona Ana, Portugal

Being one of the most popular, alluring cities of the Algarve region, Lagos has much to offer, from many local markets, to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Praia Dona Ana. This beach resembles the idyllic ones that you can see on a postcard with its soft white sand, azure water so clear that you can see your toes and stunning rock structures. What makes this beach top all others is its contrasting landscape that merges the crystal clear blue-greenish water and the red-yellowish cliffs. Additionally, you’ll be amazed to see that all of the facilities are built into the cliff-side. The moment I saw this heaven on Earth, I realised that travel investment is one of the wisest ones in my life.

Natural arch created by the sea in Lagos, Portugal
Image 4 – Lagos, Source

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As one of the most iconic cities in the world, Amsterdam should be explored in style. Stylish boutiques, luxury hotels, art galleries and the most picturesque canals in the world create a unique combination of a village-like and urban atmosphere. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Van Gogh Museum that possesses the largest collection of his artwork. Since you’re there to have the most luxurious time of your life, treat yourself with one of the most amazing canal cruises that are the best way to explore the city. While moving slowly along the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam, you will realise why it has such an alluring appeal.

River cruise boat in the canals of Amsterdam

Image 5 – Amsterdam, Source

There are always ways to spend money, so instead of wasting it on some useless items, you should invest in travelling and experience everything that these destinations have to offer. When we look back on our lives, we will cherish the moments and experiences we had, and not the things we bought.




About the author

Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Her favourite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. She is an avid lover of photography who loves to talk about her experiences. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. There’s definitely some great ones there. I have an Australian friend who now lives in Carcassonne and owns a gite/B&B there. Amazing place. The CT is one of my faves too.


      Wow, that would be awesome to have a friend who lives there, they can give you so much good info you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Both Cinque Terre and Carcassonne together would be a dream trip.

  2. Wow, what a pretty list from Europe. Have bookmarked for future.
    Thanks alot for sharing.

  3. Mmmmm yesss I dream of going to all of these places. Eurotrip here I come! Great article thank you 🙂 🙂

  4. Great article 🙂 got a few of these ticked off already, Cinque Terre is amazing, Amsterdam as well! But hopefully go to Portugal next year! It looks great

  5. All gorgeous places. Europe is really overflowing with destinations and if one were to travel to every little town in Europe, even a lifetime would not be enough.

  6. These all look like great places. I’m particularly drawn to Carcassonne, France. I have loved the tale of Sleeping Beauty since I was a kid so it would be very fitting to go there.


      Carcassonne is actually John’s favorite, it has to be one of the best castle’s in France. We were there one year on Halloween and that was a real treat! Little ghosts and goblins took over the place and it was so festive but in a medieval way. You would love it there Lara!

  7. I can’t wait to get to Cinque Terre!! I’ve been to Italy before, but Cinque Terre is the main reason I want to go back 🙂


      Once you go you will be hooked. We try to get there for at least a week whenever we visit Italy. Between the hiking, the beach at Montorosso and the fabulous food at each village you can’t go wrong with Cinque Terre.

  8. Awesome article! These are some really beautiful cities and would be absolutely amazing to explore!

  9. Out of the 5 images here, I’ve only been to 1 place and that is Amsterdam. It’s one of our favorite cities in Europe. I would love to visit Cinque Terre and Carcassonne someday.


      At least you made it to Amsterdam and I’ll bet you had all kinds of fun there! Hope you are able to make your two tops picks sometime.

  10. These destinations are all beautiful and I have been to some already, but I would love to see them all 🙂

  11. Looks like I have a few extra places to add to my to-do list for next year.
    Photos are great, loved it!

  12. What an amazing list! I’ve heard of Cinque Terra and Amsterdam but didn’t know about Carcassonne or Praia Dona Anna before. I can’t pick just one though they all look wonderful. Guess I’ll have to plan a few trips to Euorpe

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