Losing My Website and What I Learned

Well it was a long tough month not long ago. After losing my website database it was a long road hard getting it back. I was devastated! After loosing so many of my posts from this I put my mind to thinking positive and figured out they were not meant to be. This incident has been a huge education on how to react when things go bad. Here are a few things I have learned from this experience:

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Losing my website and lessons learned

1. Double backup all of your posts. I got a little lazy and kept most of my articles but the quick posts, I did not. Lesson learned!

2. Did you know that your database can be restored up to 3 days afterwards? Too bad my web host tech department didn’t let me know that. I called immediately after my site was deleted, but it was the day before Christmas, guess they were more in a party mood than working mode.

3. When you lose your database for some reason it can attract hackers. Yes, a few days later my site was completely hacked!

4. Purchase a backup storage plan for your site. For instance SiteLock or Sucuri will protect you from loss of files and hackers.

5. Go through and cleanup your blog at least twice a year. Sometimes you post something that is just, well let me put it this way AWFUL! This was a good reason to go through and re-read my articles, some were out of date and some just needed to be deleted.

6. Cry and get it over with when you lose all your hard work. Then get right back up and start writing again.

7. Don’t hold a grudge, it doesn’t help you in the least. Put your mind in a positive place otherwise you will dwell on what happened. It’s just not worth the heartache and time. There are so many better things to do with your time.

So there we go, after a month of getting my site back up these are tips I have for anyone who might be going through the same thing. I hope you never will, but just in case maybe it will help to get you through the ordeal and come back better and stronger.


  1. That totally sucks! Glad you’re back up and running but I’d jump off the nearest high building.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Thanks Frank, I was devastated for days. All I could think of is all that hard work and time put into our site…. Gone. I always thought I was a very strong woman but I cried like a baby that day. And my husband like a woman! 😀

  2. Wow, i can’t picture losing all my post. You are 💪. I love my blog so much. I would be so sad. I will save my posts in a back up. Thank you 🙂

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