Learning From My Mistakes While Traveling

Traveling up the I-5 corridor we were looking forward to getting home to write about all the fun stops we found along the way. Two weeks included our yearly family Christmas in Los Angeles and researching interesting sights along the Interstate. Not only that, we found the desert house used in the “Kill Bill” movie along with many other TV shows. John also checked out the Los Angeles Farmers Market, and Whimsical Alley. Most visitors unless into the fantasy world probably never heard of this fast uprising shop filled with Harry Potter and loved super hero paraphernalia. Its a Big Bang Theory or comic book nerd’s dream adventure.  Its so funny, both John and I grew up in Los Angeles but really never ventured out to see the sights there. Guess we were both too busy with friends and life. We have decided its time to get to know the place where we both grew up..

Our trip was perfect until we got home and found the camera I used was triggered to shoot only 300 pixels or a little over 1 inch. That’s tiny. All my photos of  off the grid towns, small out of the way restaurants, even over the top Christmas decorations on expensive homes were lost! What really hurt was the Railroad Park Resort where we stayed in Dunsmuir, the tiny photo’s just don’t do the rooms or scenery justice. I’ve been slapping myself upside the head all day for not checking the settings beforehand. Here is where I made my second mistake, I took all the room, food and technical shots myself!!! And, that’s why John is the photographer and I do the writing.

What are my key learning points from all this? Its time to become more technical savvy.

  • Before leaving home its a good time to read all manuals on equipment, especially the settings
  • Make sure all batteries are charged and ready to go
  • Don’t forget battery chargers
  • Play around with the new camera before going on assignment
  • If I don’t understand the manual find someone who does who can explain it to me (someone with a lot of patience)
  • Make sure John takes all the shots I need and never rely on doing them myself

Even though I may have screwed up this trip not all is lost. I will be heading back to Los Angeles again in a week or so and can stop by most places for a redo. In the meantime here are a few of the places we visited along the I-5 corridor. These small pics at least give you an idea of the fun things you can do along the way between Oregon and California.



John was enamored with this bigger than life mural of the Williams Hotel

John was quite enamored with this bigger than life mural of the Williams Hotel


Olive tasting at Granzella's in Williams CA

Olive tasting at Granzella’s in Williams was not a mistake I made while traveling!


Lots of interesting animals to look at while eating at Granzella's in Williams California

Lots of interesting animals to look at while eating at Granzella’s.


cozy caboose at at the Railroad Park Resort

Stay in a cozy caboose at the Railroad Park Resort


Railroad Park Resort caboose accommodations

Off to the left is the cupola, its the perfect to sit and watch the sun shine over the Crags over a cup of coffee in the morning,


Restaurant at the Railroad Park Hotel set in old railroad cars

Who wouldn’t want to try this classy restaurant while staying here. Best prime rib I’ve had in years, prices are reasonable too!


Pancakes at the Brown Trout Cafe in Dunsmuir CA

If you love pancakes then you don’t want to miss this popular restaurant in Dunsmuir, the Brown Trout. About a 5 minute drive from the resort


A man who made his hobby a museum at his house in Woodland.

A man who made his hobby a museum at his house in Woodland.


Feels like the old west in Montague California

Feels like the old west in Montague. Traveling time about 20 minutes from Yreka,CA


Old town Yreka is full of historic fun like this old stagecoach

Old town Yreka is full of historic fun!


Hope you have been enticed to read more about our trip coming soon!



  1. I’m sure you were so bummed! Photos still look very charming, though, and I’m sure you won’t repeat your mistake. I once forgot to get my visa for Argentina and showed up at the airport not realizing it. Luckily, it all worked out. But you better believe, I’ll never make that mistake again. 🙂

    • That would be scary not having your visa, so glad it all worked out for you in the end. That’s the one thing I think we are have figured out about travel, its one huge learning experience.

  2. Wow glad it went all good in the end! I ALWAYS forget my battery chargers 🙁

  3. Wow glad you could solve it at the end. Goos tips to take notice 😉

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