It’s Been a Long Week In Bend, Oregon

We just got back from a week in Bend. It’s not that far from where we live just over the Cascade Mountain Range. It was time to move my father-in-law to a retirement home so we packed up what we could get in our truck and trailer to start his new life.

It’s hard to see the elderly have to make that change from a comfortable home and independence to a small apartment and someone watching over them all day. I do have to say his apartment is beautifully built with a large bedroom, small kitchen and living room. Its bright and happy inside and he has a great view of the mountains from his window. But when he realized what had just transpired he wasn’t the happiest camper on the planet. Well, that was until he found out women outnumbered men by 3 to 1 and these women sure did have their eye on him! He is one of the most interesting people I have ever met as he was a real “Rocket Scientist” in his younger day. If you have ever heard of the Thor Missile, that was his baby! We even put a photo of the original take off on the side of his door so he knows which room is his. As we left him today he seemed to be handling the move fairly well. And of course during breakfast one of the pretty little ladies joined him at his table. It’s a good start.

While we were in Bend and had a day to ourselves before he got there so we decided to get in the car and take a drive to the Painted Hills. You would think living in Oregon if its pretty we would have been there by now! This drive took our breath away and even had a couple of surprises along the way. It’s funny, not too many people know about this road and the travelers along the way that we talked to didn’t have this on their itinerary. Even my friends at home only 2 of them knew about the Painted Hills. Interesting, isn’t it?

I don’t have a lot of time right now since we are unpacking from the trip but this drive is a photographers dream! Which is why I have name this road”The Photographer’s Dream Route” coming up soon in my next article. Here are just a few of my photo’s as a teaser!

The Painted Hills in Oregon

The Painted Hills has almost a Mars like look to them. Its almost as if you have traveled to another planet!


The Painted Hills in Oregon

You can see how vivid the colors of these hills are like in this domed hillside of red and gold.


The Palisade cliffs in Oregon

This was a real surprise along the way. I will tell you more about these craggy pinnacles soon! You would never expect this kind of landscape so close to Bend!


Stay tuned for more about this incredible drive near Bend!


  1. Looks wonderful, I’ll be watching out for the full article as well!

  2. Beautiful! Amazing geography out west.
    It must be quite difficult mentally moving into a residency, knowing you will most likely never move ever again. But yes, as a man I imagine the odds make it a bit more interesting 🙂 Thor Missile huh? Sounds like the punchline to a dirty joke.
    Frank (bbqboy)

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