I Made it to Hawaii!

I can’t believe it, my feet are on solid ground and I made it to Hawaii! I made it and AloooooHA Oahu! Never have I been so glad to be off a plane, it’s usually one part of the trip I adore. Now that I’m here its time for fun in the sun! Since my flight came in early (couldn’t be because of me or anything…. 🙂  ).  John, Justin and Yana are still a half hour out. What is a girl to do with an extra half hour? I know, hit the lei stands in front of the airport! I love that place! So many lei’s so many colors and best of all amazing fragrances that we just can’t get at home. Ohhhhh, so many, so beautiful, which one should I get? I’m kind of partial to Pikake but I also love the fullness and freshness of carnations. I know, I’ll buy both! See what happens when John takes his time picking me up?

Honolulu Airport lei stands

The Honolulu Airport Lei Stands happen to have the best prices for lei’s on Oahu.

And so many varieties and colors too!

And so many varieties and colors too!

Honolulu Airport lei stands with a variety of different flowers.

More for you to look at!

Oh look, a carnation and pick lei! Mine!

Oh look, a carnation and pikake lei! Mine!

They finally arrive just as I finish my purchase and I’m in love. The Mustang convertible is spectacular! All I want to do is get behind the wheel and see what she can do. John knows my driving habits too well so Justin gets to drive, but I got shotgun! Almost as good. Thank goodness Justin has a lot of me in him and wants to see what she can do too. For a 6 cylinder this car has a lot of get up and go! Like I said, LOVE THIS CAR! I Love Hawaii!

Its only 10:30 in the morning so what should we do first? They want to drop off the luggage so we don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into our trunk. I’m like why? Let’s goes do stuff! They won… . At least I get to check out our accommodations which I will write about later. This is the first time I’ve ever used an AirBnB. You have to do a little research before booking a place but looks like I did extremely well with this one! Can’t wait to give you more info on it. Dropping off my bag, I have learned to travel very light, its time to see what is around the area.

We are staying in Ko ‘Olina, about a half hour – 40 minutes north of Waikiki depending on traffic. I love this area it reminds me a lot of Kaanapali on Maui. There is great shopping nearby and even a Costco if you want to stock up for longer stays. Some very good restaurants are nearby also not to mention the Aulani, Disney’s own hotel across the street from us. Another perk is Paradise Cove Luau is right there also which we will be visiting tonight. Just think with all the Mai Tai’s we won’t have to worry about driving home, we can take the 5 minute walk and get home safely. No getting pulled over for drunk driving for us!

What to do first? Why check out the beach of course! What I love about this area is there are 5 albeit man-made lagoons but they are said to have a lot colorful tropical fish there. The first one had a wedding going on so we had to go to the next one. The lagoons are a nice safe place to swim and snorkel without having to worry about the ocean knocking you around.

The Lagoons on Oahu

A view of the Lagoon’s as you fly into Honolulu. Pretty nice don’t you think?

Ko "Olina lagoons with a catamaran on the beach

One of the 5 lagoons. The beach is perfect, the water warm and clear and we lucked out and had the whole place to ourselves!

park in front of one of the Ko 'Olina lagoons with Palapa Thatch Umbrellas on the beach

If you want a park atmosphere you can have it at this lagoon. We prefer to lay under the Palapa Thatch Umbrellas. Is this paradise or what?

Fish swimming in the ocean

Look, fishes! Awwww, no Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Hawaii’s state fish.

And how do you pronounce that? Try this: HOO-moo-HOO-moo-NOO-koo-NOO-koo-AH-poo-AH-ah. They are  actually a Trigger Fish but the Hawaiian pronunciation sounds so much more exotic.

A Humuhumunukunukuapua'a fish

I had to borrow this photo from Pinterest but this is what a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a looks like. By the way there is a song about this fish. You can listen to it here.

It was a great way to start the trip snorkeling. Before leaving we did some research on places to go that the normal Oahu tourists don’t know about. Not too far from where we are staying is a lava rock formation we just have to see for ourselves. It’s called the mermaid caves and its only about 5-10 minutes from our accommodations. The mermaid caves are underneath the ancient lava flow where there is a beach and waves come rolling in. During low tide you can sit there with the sun popping through holes in the ground which penetrate the water to give it an almost fluorescent blue hue. We hopped into the Mustang trying to find the caves. Unfortunately it was a high tide so we will come back tomorrow.

Getting close to the time we can go to Paradise Cove Luau we headed back to the condo to change into a little more appropriate clothes for the night. We purchased our tickets online before leaving so we just walked up to the ticket office where they were waiting for us.

Walking through the gates John and Justin were thrilled to be Lei’d by a beautiful hula dancer. But maybe they liked the free welcome Mai Tai’s a little better. Paradise Cove is a little different from most other Polynesian shows in Hawaii. They want to keep the culture and history alive here. It’s not what you would consider glitzy like some of the others its more down home and learn a little while you are here.

Paradise Cove Luau entry

The entry into Paradise Cove. The bar is off to the left and the Kahlua Pig of off to the right.

Taking an outrigger canoe ride at paradise cove luau

Justin and Yana taking off on their outrigger canoe ride.

Man climbing coconut tree in Hawaii

This guy climbed this coconut tree like a monkey! It was impressive to say the least!

woman with a hawaiian flower head wreath

Next a little Lei and leaf head wreath making.

How about a little hula on the beach? These girls are terrific with dance! This is getting ready for the hukilau when they catch the fish for dinner.

How about a little hula on the beach? These girls are terrific with dance! This is getting ready for the hukilau when they catch the fish for dinner.

Man throwing net into water to catch fish in Hawaii

Throwing the nets into the water. Hope he catches something good!

Two men bringing Kahlua pig out of the pit for the luau in Hawaii

Ahhhhhhh, just smell that pork! Boy are we drooling! It’s hard to see the poor thing being hauled away but sure did make a fine dinner!

Hula dancer

This woman was an amazing dancer. She put all her heart and soul into the hula. Dramatic but stunning at the same time!

Hawaiian fire dancer

And finally what we have all been waiting for, the Fire Dancer! I kept wanting to have a fire extinguisher ready, you know just in case! He did an amazing job and everyone was cheering at the end of this dance.

I could write so much more about Paradise Luau but I’ll let these photo’s give you the story. Would I go again to this luau? Yes, most definitely!

Well time to get these Mai Tai lovers to bed so we can get up early for another great day in Hawaii.

Stay tuned for more on our trip to Hawaii!


For more information on Paradise Cove luau and prices click here


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