Hotel du Champ de Mars Review

Finding the Hotel du Champ de Mars was an interesting start. Rick Steve’s has raved about the hotel and Trip Advisor had mixed but mostly positive reviews. What’s the biggest perk about this property? It’s conveniently situated in the very Parisian Rue Cler area. This part of Paris is trendy with a true Parisian flair. The streets have plenty of shops, cafe’s, and colorful markets. It’s the perfect location if you are looking for a memorable stay in Paris.

Trying to find the hotel after exiting the Metro proved a little difficult. We made the mistake of walking in the wrong direction. So, we ended up wandering around the a rather large block dragging our heavy luggage behind us. If you are arriving by metro make sure you turn left as you leave the metro. Then take another left on Rue Cler just outside the station. Champs de Mars is to the left again where you will find the hotel as you turn the corner.

Hotel du Champ de Mars in Paris France

Hotel du Champ de Mars




The Hotel

Walking through the doors to the lobby we noticed it was a little quirky. We were starting to wonder if the rooms were going to be the same. Luckily the rooms were normal and rather cozy. Our room had a double bed with a night stand on each side. There was a table with 2 chairs, an armoire for our clothes, and a working TV. The bathroom was fairly large with a shower/tub combination.

The staff was efficient, some were very talkative and fun. Then there was one who was constantly on the phone yelling at someone on the other end, very unprofessional. I don’t think she was very fond of Americans but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the hotel at all.

The Area

The location is phenomenal the streets are so full of atmosphere. It was also a short walk to the Military and the Eiffel Tower. Of course if you are not in the mood to walk the metro is close by. Best part about footing it is you find so many interesting sights you would miss otherwise. For instance this decorative door, hidden cafe’s and last but not least, very unique shops!

art nouveau door on the streets of Paris France

The only way we found this art nouveau door was by exploring on foot.

sunshine day at the eiffel tower in Paris, france

Eiffel Tower on a clear day

Breakfast was not included and the charge was 8 Euro per person for croissants, jams, cheeses, juice and coffee. We only did that once and found better places that cost less.

One of the best reasons to stay at Hotel du Champ de Mars is it’s quiet. Although there are some bars and pubs nearby you don’t really hear the late night revelers from your room.

We felt the hotel was worth the 90 Euro a night price and would not hesitate to stay there again.


For more info on the Hotel du Champ de Mars click here

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  1. Ha, the quirkiness of Parisian hotels and the people that work there. This is part of what I love about Paris…..and yet it’s what gets so many people so upset because it’s not what they are used to. If there is one thing I always put in any review I do for Paris, it’s which way to turn , or which level to go to when leaving the metro. We’ve had the same experience (and in Italy too) and it always seemed like we took the longest way around ! Looks like a perfect place to stay with such close proximity to some of the biggest icons.


      It’s so nice to hear we are not the only ones who have found themselves lost in Paris! If you are going to get lost though it might as well be Paris!

  2. This hotel looks beautiful! I love the architecture. I never made it to France during my year in Europe because the airline employees went on strike the weekend I was supposed to go to Paris. I remember researching high and low for good hotels though, so I’ll have to keep this in mind for when I do finally get there!


      That’s too bad about the airline strike and your missing France. Hate when that happens. We experienced a few airline strikes in Italy but it turned out for the best when we received a couple nights hotel.

  3. What a sweet little hotel! I’ve never stayed in Paris but heard the hotel rooms are all tiny! I think you should always take any trip advisor reviews with a pinch of salt! Some people will complain about anything and everything!


      There is a lot of character to this hotel. Yeah,some of the rooms in Paris can be tiny but if you are just using it for a place to get some rest it’s all doable!

  4. Wow the hotel looks amazing. I was expecting it to be twice that price, particularly considering the location.


      I know, right? You always think of Paris as being very expensive for decent accommodations. Depending on the time of year you can get some exceptional rates there.

  5. I love the charm of Parisian hotels in general. The hotel room is maybe small, but the whole atmosphere is so in line with French style. Quirky, but chic as well in a certain way.


      You said it perfectly, quirky but chic! It may not be the Four Seasons but very comfortable in a great area.

  6. The hotel looks beautiful and sounds like the perfect location! It’s so nice to be able to walk to places right from your hotel, especially when traveling in a big city. Last time I stayed at a hotel in France, they charged 7 Euros for a basket of bread for breakfast. So we found an affordable crepe shop down the road instead haha.

  7. Sounds like a cool place! I’ll keep it in mind for next time I visit 😉

  8. Haha we always end up turning in the wrong direction every time we try to find somewhere! This hotel hotel sounds nice and cozy and looks lovely from the pictures. Not sure we could afford the 90 euros a night though, maybe one day!

  9. This hotel looks quirky but charming – I love these sorts of places! And I suppose in the end, it’s all about location, location, location! Thanks for the info and photos – will keep it on my radar!

  10. Parisian hotels sure do look amazing, hey!

    I usually go the hostel route, but i’ll keep this awesome looking place in mind next time im in Paris 🙂

  11. Amazing and breathtaking place! I would love to visit it!

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