Hotel Ca’ dei Conti Purely Venetian

A dream vacation in a luxurious building dating back to the XVIII century, just a short stroll from St. Mark’s Square. The Hotel Ca’ dei Conti was everything you expect to see when visiting Venice. A small footbridge lined with slender Venetian boats is your welcome mat to the entry of the hotel.


Hotel Ca' dei Conti entry

Purely Venice as you enter the Hotel Ca’ dei Conti

It was so Venetian as you walked over a little footbridge arching over a small canal, covered in beautiful flowers as you entered this hotel. A friendly greeting by friendly staff members they checked us into the hotel quickly. There is a very cool ancient wishing well and stone columns behind the lobby. We were directed to our room and when the door opened we knew this hotel was the right decision. Beautiful silk wallpaper with some sort of floral design matching the bed covers, huge Murano Glass chandelier, historic paintings of old Venice, sparkling marble adorned the bathroom and everything was immaculate. Oh yes, there also was 2 flat screened TV’s, although when in Venice who has time to watch TV, but they did have English News Stations.

Hotel Ca' dei Conti room

Waking up to a good breakfast is what the Hotel Ca’ dei Conti offers, it was plentiful and you had many choices for hot and cold food.

What to do near Hotel Ca’ dei Conti

About a 10 minute walk to Saint Mark’s Square there is plenty of shopping and eating along the way. A huge perk! Venice is such a fun place to explore, around every corner and turn is something unique and exciting. We found there was a free shuttle to the Island of Murano and suggest if visiting Venice for more than a day to visit the island to experience for yourself its charms. The world renown glass is beautiful and most pieces a work of art. There is something for everyone’s specific personality. We picked up a little bumble bee that looked so real you wanted to swat it. We also picked up a long stemmed glass rose, perfect addition to our little bee!  There are many small interesting to meander through and the neighborhoods filled with local families making their living on Murano. Kid’s riding their bikes and playing in small piazza’s were a joy to watch.

We found this hotel to be a fantastic deal at 150 Euros per night.

Hotel Ca’ dei Conti
Castello 4429
Venice, VE, 30122, Italy


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