Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt an Awesome Experience

Have you ever stayed at an airport hotel? I mean in the actual airport? There are a few out there but normally you would stay near the airport not at it. At the Hilton Garden Inn you can do just that!

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Frankfurt International Airport

It looks like your typical airport check in terminal but what you are seeing here is the Hilton Garden Inn hotel.

I was wondering if we would hear planes taking off and landing all night or if the sound proof rooms were just that. Or for that matter would there be ground vibrations felt through the accommodations. Just for the experience we booked the Hilton Garden Inn and were actually looking forward to our visit.

We arrived early evening and lucked out with arriving into the terminal across from the hotel. It was an easy walk with a few shops and restaurants along the way. The walkway and escalators are futuristic with mirrors in strategic designs.

The train station at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany

The floor above the rail station is very interesting! Love the futuristic atmosphere.

Checking in at the Hilton Garden Inn

The lobby is attractively designed with long red couches and chairs filled with what must have been a tour group. There was a lot of activity but we were able to check in quickly with an available desk clerk.

Taking the elevator up to the 4th floor we dragged our luggage through the door and took a look at our room. Passing by the bathroom to the left it was quite large and we had a bathtub! A few plush  bathroom amenities were on the counter and hairdryer. So perfect after a day of travel and a lot of walking.

Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport hotel bathroom with amenities

The bathroom is actually much larger than this photo shows and we loved the round light over the sink

The bathroom is actually larger than this photo shows and we loved the round light over the sink.
A little further up the room was attractively modern with a thick duvet covering the bed and lots of pillows. Lighting was good but not overly bright around the bed and the sitting area had a lamp stand up that was better for reading. A small flat screen TV was on top a long wooden desk across from the bed. It was set up for your laptop computer and small lamp that won’t disturb a sleeping spouse or friend while you work to the wee hours. The Wi-Fi worked perfectly, and fast.

The comfortable bed at the Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport Germany

The bed was quite comfy!

Inside a room at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Frankfurt Airport Germany

The room window that has a great view of the terminal below.

Inside our room at the Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport Germany

Here is our TV! Never had a chance to watch but it was there if we did!

Everything you would need is just a few steps away

Looking through the curtains was a unique view of the corridor that leads to Terminal 1. Just below is the escalator that leads down to the rail station underneath our hotel. Everything you need is right there! Also a convenience store where you can pick up water, snacks, magazines, over the counter meds and travel items.

Inside our room at the Hilton Garden Inn at Frankfurt Airport in Germany

Here is the view of the terminal and entry into the Hilton Garden Inn. The Connection 5 Restaurant is where the row of lights are on the left side of the walkway.

Not having much to eat that day we were starved and found the Connection 5 Restaurant  (and bar) just outside the lobby. Considered a hamburger joint they also had steaks, weiner schnitzel, soups, salads and a few other entrees. I read the reviews on this restaurant which mentioned the service was bad but we had a good waitress who was talkative and smiled a lot. Of course we ordered their specialty, a tasty hamburger with special sauce, lettuce tomato and onions and fries. Both the burger and fries were large portions and the price was decent.

We didn’t have time to catch a breakfast at the hotel with our flights leaving so early but I did try to check it out. It wasn’t open yet so I grabbed this shot from the hotel itself. If you ask if it is worth the extra Euro’s to eat here if you have time most guests said yes.

Breakfast room at the Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport Germany

Breakfast Room at the hotel and it looks like you can get freshly cooked eggs made to order. The choices here look pretty good!

The Frankfurt Airport resembles a small city, everything you would ever need is somewhere in the terminal close by. Shopping, eating, shoe shines, fitness center, even a medical office are all within walking distance from the Hilton Garden Inn.

Question answered

Now the big question. Was it noisy at night and hard to sleep? Not at all, the rooms are all sound proof. You won’t even hear people walking down the hallway. It was a delight to stay there and next time we are in Frankfurt I wouldn’t give it a second thought to stay again.

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