Foot Nest Best Travel Gadet Ever

How many of us dread long overseas flights knowing the discomfort of sitting in a tight seat for 10+ hours? You can’t wait for your vacation but thinking about the flight can test your nerves. Recently I heard about an interesting new gadget called a Foot Nest for lengthy trips. A friend used it on her trip to China last summer and insisted I must give it a try on my upcoming trip overseas. Taking her up on the offer I have to admit I had my doubts but I would give the product a try.

Foot Nest an extraordinary gadget to rest your feet on during long haul flights

The Foot Nest is small, compact and easy to take wherever you travel

Bringing the Foot Nest by my house I took a quick look at it, then at her and said “Is that all?”, it was compact and light, about the size of a small umbrella. This is a device you can carry on-board your flights very easily. Fit into an attached Velcro cover I opened it up to take a closer look. The design is simple but I could see this was a product that had some possibility. First of all was small and would not get in the way of other passengers, its easy to use and best of all its self-contained. Constructed to lift your feet off the floor the design aligns your  legs to take pressure off your body while sitting for long periods of time.

Opening the Foot Nest a foot rest for when traveling on long haul or International flights

Open the Foot Nest by loosening the Velcro on both sides then roll then unroll

The Foot Nest strap that hangs onto the seat in front of you while flying

The strap hangs onto the seat in front of you while flying

The Foot Nest extended to show how you can hang it onto the seat in front of you.

You can see from this photo how easy it is to use the Foot Nest. Just hang it over the top of the seat in front of you!

The Foot Nest fit perfectly into the outer pocket of my carry on. Taking it out after boarding I slung it over the seat in front of me, the passenger never even noticed. The strap is easily adjusted to fit your sitting comfort zone. Before takeoff I played around with the adjustment strap to find the perfect length for my legs.

Foot Nest hanging on the seat in front of me

I didn’t take photo’s while on board our flights so I took this on one our chairs at home so you can see how it looks. It’s so simple!

Flying coach is difficult enough on short flights but long haul, well lets just say it’s not the most pleasant experience. With economy configurations these days it’s all you can do to find a comfortable position for even  5 minutes. This device you will give the relief you need at any time during  your flight. If you want your feet on floor take them off the bar and stretch out by putting them underneath the seat in front of you. Lift them up on the Foot Nest when you want your body to be in alignment. I found going between the comfortable positions throughout the flight is the only way I plan to fly from now on, even on shorter flights.

My feet on the Foot Nest a product that makes flights much more comfortable

My feet on the Foot Nest, its hard to tell from this photo but my body is in complete alignment!

The Foot Nest also works well on buses, trains and at home. It’s a great way to take pressure off your back and hips. Whether you travel or not its a useful tool for your body. For under $30 it has made my life of travel so much better!

For more information check out the Foot Nest website.


  1. You have sold me on this! Can’t wait for mine in time for a trip to South America early next year!

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