First Day at Sea, is Cruising For You?

Is cruising for you?

Swaying in the sea breeze with a large clear pool behind and azure blue seas in front, all the while relaxing in the sun shining on your face. Someone comes up beside you with a small tray of colorful drinks and hands you one as you lean against the glass and wood rail. You look out to the sea and let out a sigh of joy, this is the life! This is cruising, a traveling phenomenon that has been growing since the 1980’s.

The cruise industry has been smart about how to keep passengers happy and coming back year after year changing to meet the need of the times. There are people who take cruises 2 maybe 3 times a year. Why is that? For one reason its an easy almost hassle free trip. The most difficult part of the cruise is at check in and that’s just because you are anxious to get on board to start your vacation. The cruise lines have worked on crowd control but when you have upwards to 6000 passengers checking in it can take some time. Don’t let that stop you from booking a cruise though, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Once you are onboard and unpacked you are on your way to fun the way you want it.

Cruise ship coming into port along the coast of the Cayman Islands

Are you ready for an ocean adventure?

Sitting back relaxing on the fantail of the ship enjoying the day

Sitting back relaxing on the fantail of the ship. Is there anything better than this? One of the perks of cruising!


A welcome greeting of champagne while boarding your cruise ship

How’s this for a greeting when you first board the ship? A little bubbly to get you started.

First day drill

Now its time to check out the ship, you will want to find out how far the pool is from your cabin and how close the restaurants are too. Surprising how big ships are these days as the cliché says,” it’s a virtual city floating from port to port”. First day onboard if you have not been on a cruise before is interesting, at a given time is the lifeboat drill and nowadays it is a requirement to participate. You will hear a series of horn blows or bell rings to signal its time to find your station which is posted on your cabin door. Stations are located throughout the ship. Some are conveniently placed in one of the many bars or the showroom, but it could be next to the life boats. Passengers try to make the best of it and get to know one another during the drill. Don’t be surprised if your photo is taken during the drill just for the fun of it.

A little fun and sun onboard a cruise ship

Yes, that is real grass onboard this ship.

Cruise line Perks

What to do next? Well that’s all up to you. If you had a long flight and little sleep you might want to head to the pool for some R&R. Some ships may have movies running, an info seminar or if you have the energy hit the fitness room. There is always a buffet set up if you are in the mood for a little food.

Some ships like Royal Caribbean have quite a few fun and interesting features. For instance how about grabbing a surfboard and hit the waves on a Flow Rider surf simulator and surf a continuous wave. Other highlight features to draw you in might be rock climbing, ice skating or miniature golf.  A few ships have a billiards room with tables that automatically stay flat no matter how high the seas are. One ship has a Coney Island Boardwalk that includes a carousel, perfect for family vacations.

Carnival has a water park with water slides. Norwegian Cruise Lines has a sky trail rope course with zip lines. Then for the mature crowd a freezing cold ice bar where fake fur coats are handed out as you enter. Celebrity has an adults only Solarium and a Master wine cellar.

Princess has their own television studio, and Disney has an 1800 square foot AquaLab a fabulous fun area for both kids and adults. One of the Celebrity ships has a half-acre lawn area including a putting green for the golf enthusiast. These are just a few of the amenities you can find on different cruise lines but remember each ship is different, make sure you do your homework before booking and verify they have the features you are looking for.

A wonderful spa onboard a luxury cruise line with heated tile loungers

All cruise line will have a spa onboard. Some better than others. Loved this spa with the heated tile loungers and soft music playing while relaxing. A message afterwards adds to a wonderfully pampering day.

Your first night at sea

The first day normally does not have much going on its mostly a time to unwind and get used to the ocean life. After an informal dinner in the showroom is an introduction to your next week or two or more on the ship. The staff will also introduce themselves and what their job entails. They may have a short show with singing or dancing. A little night-cap in one of the many ship’s bars is a great way to end your first night on the open seas.

Cirque du Soleil in the main showroom onboard a cruise ship

Cirque du Soleil in the main showroom onboard a cruise ship

Back in your cabin snuggled comfortably in your bed with a soft relaxing rocking motion that lulls you to sleep, your mind lazily looks forward the next days of a fun-filled trip to remember. So now do you think cruising is for you?


  1. Great post! For a moment there, I felt like I was with you, cruising across the sea! I haven’t done a cruise before though but I have rode big boats before and I found that at times, it makes me dizzy. I guess if I go on big cruises though, it would fare better for me.

  2. I’ve still never cruised despite living in a cruise port city in the UK. I get motion sickness just looking at boats 😉

  3. I’ve never done a cruise but really want to one day. I’d be interested to see if I’d get motion sickness or not. But I think I’d enjoy the relaxation part of it the most – kicking my feet up with lovely views and a book in hand.


      Most ships these days are so large that you barely feel them sailing. But if you are like me, yes, I do sometimes get motion sickness you can get acupuncture before leaving and that really helps. Also less drowsy dramamine and ear patches works well too. You will love kicking back by the pool in chase lounge with a cool tropical drink in hand!

  4. I’ve never done a cruise, and apparently I had no clue what it was like. I didn’t even know it had all these things inside. Thanks for all this interesting information. For now I’ll stick to backpacking, but I might try it someday.

  5. Wow, a zip-line on a cruise ship!! That’s crazy! Haha. I’ve never really been interested in doing a cruise as just the mere thought gets me feeling trapped and claustrophobic! But recently I housesat for a guy who looooved doing cruises, he was on his 2nd 3 month cruise that year (he retired early). He gets great deals on them and sees so many places in a much more affordable way than it would have been to book separate flights. Still not sure if a cruise is for me, but I definitely have a lot of people in mind that I feel like it’d be perfect for! No planning necessary, just relaxation =)

  6. I have been on cruise ships in port before but never actually sailed on one. I think the thought of the seasickness still puts me off, although I’m sure I would be fine with a few anti-sickness pills in me! It’s such a great way to see a few different destinations easily in one trip.

  7. I’ve never done a cruise but want to one day in my life, maybe not too long, one night two days would suffice.Nice write-up and awesome photographs


      Thanks Nilabh! If its your first cruise a 3 or 4 night would be perfect to see if you like it. Although selling cruises for over 20 years I only had 2 people who said it wasn’t really their thing. You would most likely love it!

  8. I reallllyyy love the idea of cruise ships and definitely think it’s something I could do. I just wish they weren’t so bad for the environment!

  9. I love cruises! I went on one from Australia to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. I think you described it all really well.


      I have always wanted to visit Vanuatu! That must have been a great cruise to take.

  10. it looks better than i thought – i always think of cruises being for when i am too old to walk around! The champagne on arrival is definitely appealing!!


      Cruising gets better after the first day when its less hectic. That’s when you get to really find out how fun it is. Although I would suggest a cruise line that has many ports to stop at if you like to get out and explore.

  11. This is awesome, such a good overview for anyone going on their first cruise! I’m happy to see they did drills. That’s one thing I would be worried about with all the accidents you’ve heard about lately. I can’t believe they had real grass! So Cool.

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