Easy Tips for Taking Great Vacation Photo’s

I love coming home finding that my photo’s have captured the real essence of a wonderful trip. In fact when not on the road I get on the computer and open my photo files just for the memories. You can do the same with these easy tips for taking great vacation photo’s.

Paris Eiffel Tower on a sunny summer day

Paris Eiffel Tower on a sunny summer day 

Learning how to take the best photo’s

First remember to always have your camera with you and ready to shoot at all times. Make sure your battery is charged before leaving for the day.

Try to have people in your photo’s, they give dimension to the image. It’s an easy way to show how tall a monument really is or how tiny that cute little dog is. If you have friends and family it’s that much better and will bring better memories or your trip.

Yosemite El Capitan

Finding just the right sunlight in Yosemite National Park

Try different positions while taking your photo’s. Sometimes the light will be better to your right, or maybe just one step back will fit the whole building in your frame. You can even try lying down on your back so you can see how high the arch is in those Grecian ruins. Different angles will completely change the scenery from what your naked eye will see. Play around and have fun with your subject.

Taking shots either in the morning or evening has better lighting. At those times it will bring out the best colors and definition of your subjects. Professional photographer’s call this time the Magical Hours or Golden Light.

Avoid busy backdrops like billboards, telephone poles, big trucks, and flamboyant people.

Burano boats and buildings

Distinguishing colors in Burano Italy

Use a flash in when photographing shadowed areas on bright days. This technique helps to avoid dark marks or hidden facial features on your subject that can ruin your shot.

If you have not used your camera much or if its new be sure to take along the manufactures manual. Read it on the flight to your destination or if driving its the perfect reading material at night at your hotel.

Take a class on photography before leaving home. It helps to get a quick education on beginning photography. Finding out the tricks or ins and outs of setting up a good photo can make the difference between deleting most of your shots or keeping that one to blow up and hang on your walls. Classes also help to set up good content.

Capturing real life as this man in period clothing in California's gold rush village is watering stagecoach horses

Capturing real life as this man in period clothing in California’s gold rush village is watering stagecoach horses. These make the best photo’s.

When you have time practice. Go into your home town or out into the country to play around with some of the different settings on your camera. Try the sports feature for moving objects for clarity, but then again sometimes the movement will add to the photo, you get to decide. Use it both ways for effect. Use the flower setting for close up subjects or night control for dark and indoor places. Try both vertical and horizontal shots.

Learn how to use your F-stops, the AV  or aperture allows the amount of light in which basically will make the foreground and background sharp and focused or blurred.  If your shutter speed is too high you will have blowouts or too much contrast which can ruin your shot. The TV (time) setting is crucial. If your time setting is too slow any movement in your shot will be blurred. Sometimes that’s good, for instance you might want to blur someone walking past an espresso shop.

Use your zoom to bring out the details of the shot. For instance a hand carved door, an extravagant meal, the historic statue, everyone’s shoes, the guy juggling on a promenade, or even a bridge that has a special unique art style to it.

Photography is the best way to remember where you have been. With a little time and practice you can relive those times for years to come and these easy tips are a good start to get you on your way.


  1. Handy tips! Pictures are my souvenir so I am trying to improve as much as I can. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Very good tips! For those on a budget, there are free online photography classes that can really help to learn more about photography techniques. My tips would be to look at others’ photos as well with the objective to analyse it. If you identify what’s good and what could have been better, it can help thinking about it when you take photos yourself!

  3. Aw, I just spent at an hour looking through old photos from Australia.. Photos must be the best possible souvenir! I love looking through them. 🙂

  4. Thank you for these tips! I especially loved the part about using flash on bright days when there are shadowed areas. Actually, I never really thought about using flash when it is bright, didn’t know it could make a difference.

  5. I always have my camera with me when travelling. In fact i have two cameras with 4 spare batteries each so i rarely run out of power. Some good tips there. The most important is to practice taking photos. Try out different settings and experiment. Its so easy these days with digital photography.

  6. Great tips! I also find taking photos at various times of the day, of the same subject, can change the photos in such an interesting way depending on the light and air. What would we do without our photos?? I’m so thankful for them to look back on people, places and remember experiences.

  7. The Roaming Renegades.com

    Great tips for taking beautiful photos. Great perspective of Yosemite national park, we would love to go there one day.

  8. Good tips! I forgot the manual for my new camera on lour last trip, definitely need to remember next time!

    • Oh no, that could have been disastrous! Hope it all worked out for you though and what a great tip for all of us. Don’t forget our manuals on both new and old cameras. Thanks Alana!

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