Doggone that was Funny!

Dog with a yamahaFunny things happen while traveling and this one is worthy of a good laugh. When my son graduated high school we decided to take him on a European cruise with the whole family. We got a great deal on Princess and airline tickets were at an all time low. Perfect!

Before leaving we studied the shore excursions for our cruise, found the ones we wanted to take then booked them online. So much easier than it was 10 years ago when we had to fax in our requests and hope and pray they came through. We were doing a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona ending up in Turkey.

Doggone that was funny

On our cruise we made new friends at our dinner table and we were pretty much inseparable for the rest of the cruise. We ate together, we did tours together, danced the night away and of course cocktails before the nightly show. One of the couples didn’t have children but they had a dog which they talked about as if he was their kid. We heard stories how he loved to go to the beach and run after the waves as they receded but could never get back without getting knocked over by a new one and he loved it! We laughed with them when they told us of all his antics. One night we just had to know what he looked like and asked if they had a picture with them so we could put a face to the name. Which by the way was Rambo! The husband said you bet, took out his wallet and showed us a picture of the cutest little chihuahua who just happened to have an equally tiny blue and gold yamaka on his head! Of course my quick-witted son blurted out “Look, it’s a little Jewhuahua!” After a short look of surprise on our faces it didn’t take long until we were rolling over with laughter!


  1. We don’t have kids (or a dog for that matter), but we know a few people exactly like this. I enjoy hearing their stories of how they have a school bus pick up their ‘baby’ in the mornings for “school” which has a nanny cam so they can see how she is doing throughout the day!! LOL I couldn’t believe it. But I have to say if I had a puppy as cute as this one maybe I would do those things too!

  2. Wow, your son is quite lucky! I’ve never been gifted a trip for ANY of my graduations (HS, Bachelor’s, Master’s). Sounds like your whole family enjoyed the cruise. 🙂

    • Our whole family except my father is in the travel industry so my son was STUCK going on this cruise! 😀 It really is one trip we will never forget, with such good memories! I hope some day you will be gifted with a great trip.

  3. I dont have kids or a pet but always find it funny when I came across people like this or when I spot people carrying pets like babies. The weirdest thing to me.

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