Sicily in 4 Days (part 1)

Piazza della Vittoria near Palermo in Sicily, Italy

Once blackballed by tourism, Sicily has more than just survived harsh reviews. Filled with stunning beauty the island is climbing up to become a top, must see destination. Whether you are looking for gold studded churches, spectacular ancient ruins, trendy nightlife, or just relax on the azure laden beaches, Sicily is …

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Why Paris

Cruising down the River Seine in Paris at night

What do you think of when you think of Paris? Incredible food? Romance? World class museums and art? Fun?  When you visit you will quickly realize that Paris is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. From taking a leisurely walk along the River Seine, climbing up to the top …

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Travel Paris Painlessly Ride a Velib’

Riding a Velib' bike down a Paris street

Want to explore Paris without having to deal with crowded buses and metros? Walking and public transit isn’t your only option these days. The “City of Romance” offers a pick up, drop off bike venture that is sure to please. It’s easy to use and so much fun! Look for …

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Caparena Hotel and Wellness Club

The pool is one of the best parts staying at the Caparena Hotel and Wellness Club

  Traveling with an escorted tour you have to trust that your tour company will put you in a good hotel. Book a good tour company and chances are you will have a nice room. Taking a Trafalger Tour through Italy and Sicily almost all of our hotels were 3 star or better. …

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Asleep at the Wheel Over Iceland

Aircraft in sky flying above the clouds

Planning our 4 month honeymoon to Europe was no easy task. It took a year to get it right! We were so excited and actually were looking more forward to the honeymoon than the wedding ceremony. As a present we received tickets on Icelandic Airlines from Los Angeles to Luxembourg with …

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Best of Belgium

Belgium, a land of fairytale castles, the best artisan chocolate, flavorful beers and notable museums and architecture. Located on the North Sea it is part of the Benelux countries with Belgians speaking three distinct languages, French, Dutch and German. This small country is about the size of Maryland and within …

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Top 10 Captivating Places in Europe

Place de la Concorde Fountain in Paris France

There are so many wonderful places in Europe that have atmosphere, beauty and fun it was hard to decide. Some are well known while others are less traveled but it doesn’t mean one is better than the other, just different draws to the imagination. While one city may draw romantic …

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Trier Germany and the Four Poster Bed

The Cologne Cathedral along the Rhine River in Germany

Traveling with my husband is always an adventure and sometimes downright hilarious. One that comes back to make me laugh was on a trip up the Rhine River. It was a long day of exploration old castles, cute villages and a mission to find my one of a kind stein. …

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Springtime in Holland

Whited Fringed Hybrid Tulips

Acres of elegant floral Rainbows captivate your thoughts this time of year in Holland. A visit to a Dutch farm with elaborate rows of yellows, reds, orange, purples is a springtime delight

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