Come With Me to Taormina Sicily

Small Taormina street supermaket with vegetables and fruits outsideAs an avid Sicily lover when a tour came through to visit Taormina coughed up the deposit and put my money down on it. Tours tend to get a bad name. With intense itineraries that have too many stops, not much time to explore the cities and sights, and plenty of bus time. While this can be true there are also many good reasons to take a tour. It’s a great way to make new friends, see new sights, try new foods and have a lot of fun. On top of that everything is taken care of for you, from the arrival transfers from the airport to your hotel, all your hotel reservations, tours and often meals tours can actually be a very good deal.

Touring with Trafalgar Tours to Sicily I found our whole group fell in love with the hilltop village of Taormina. The town has stunning views of the azure blue Adriatic Sea and not so extinct Mt. Etna volcano. A 3rd century Greek Amphitheater perched high up on the mountain is set perfectly to observe both views. The theater ruins are still used today for musical venues in the summer months. The ruins are busy with tourists hanging around taking photo’s a hint that this is a good stop on your visit here.

The village is mostly pedestrian only so you are safe from those hair-raising Sicilian drivers. You can take your time poking through the shops where you can find trendy clothing, brightly painted ceramics, fashionable furniture and desirable one of a kind art. A favorite toy for kids are the famous Taormina puppets. In fact you can see the original and very large Royal Puppets at the Tourist Office along the main street Corso Umberto.

A walk through the Medieval Quarter is where you get that tiny feel of what this town was like before it became a tourist attraction. Small shops on cobbled streets and stairs. Little markets that have the daily fruit and vegetables outside the doors in boxes along with flowers, small archways as you walk through the tiny streets and tables under umbrellas with people sipping a cappuccino.

Along the Corso Umberto are many restaurants and cafe’s. Although not on the main street you absolutely must stop at Laboratorio Pasticceria Roberto for a Cannoli. You won’t find a better tasting treat anywhere in Italy and its made fresh for you to see. Crunchy outside, so creamy inside it just about melts in your mouth! If  Look for a red corner building that looks like a market but filled with wonderful Sicilian pastries.

For a meal Malvasia has superb Italian food, whether you are in the mood for pasta or seafood its made with down home Italian flare. Made fresh daily salads, sauces and even pizza’s. I got the Steak with a Green Peppercorn Sauce and my husband got the Lobster Ravioli with Prawns in an amazing cream sauce, all was complete perfection!
Here is a video I took while there, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


  1. I love Taromina! The video takes me back!

  2. ahhh Italia! Would absolutely love to visit sicily. Have only seen the southern part 🙂

  3. The town sounds great. I do love group tours for that reason. I made some lifelong friends on a tour once, and of course I saw more of the city than I ever would have on my own.

  4. Great video, I enjoyed it!. How I wish I could have a bite of that Sicilian pastries hehe..

  5. I agree that group tours can sometimes be the best way to go. Not only can you make some lifelong friends, but you will probably also be shown to places that you wouldn’t have made it or found on your own.

  6. Video is pretty cool. I have started refering a lot destination videos these day and your is a good one. Keep at it!

  7. Video is pretty cool. I have started refering a lot destination videos these day and your is a good one. Keep at it and llok forward to more such stuff from u!

  8. I’ve traveled through Italy, but not to Sicily yet. Even though Taormina is a tourists radar, it still looks pretty authentic. I love that the town is mostly pedestrian. It makes it perfect for exploring the medieval part of town, as well as moving comfortably with a tour.

    • That’s what I loved about Taormina the basic town is pedestrian only. There is a parking structure just below with a free drop off for those who don’t want to take the short walk, then once you step into the village its all yours. Next time you visit Italy maybe you can make it to Sicily!

  9. It’s posts and videos like this that definitely puts Italy higher and higher on my dream list! I can’t wait to make it there.

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