Christmas Markets Cruise Nurnberg

What an amazing day as we arrived into the Nurnberg Rail Station we were met by a Viking River Cruise greeter then transferred to the ship. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, we had no stress at all. We really wanted to get to the Nurnberg Market so we threw our luggage into the cabin, caught a Viking bus and off we went.

The drive was only about 10-15 minutes from the dock. We passed by many historical buildings that concentrated on the history of Hitler and WWII. It was actually interesting. The other thing we were surprised about was the cuteness of the Nurnberg Old Town. Half Timbered buildings standing tall against the Main-Danube Canal which is lined in colorful flowers even at Christmas. Were they fake? Don’t know we didn’t get that close but it was very pretty.

Christmas ornaments hanging at a booth at the Nurnberg Christmas Markets

Crystal Christmas ornaments like this can be found at the Nurnberg Christmas Markets

Dropping us off about a block from the markets you immediately get into the Christmas spirit. Attendee’s staying warm with winter jackets, cozy scarves and hats and walking around with their hands on a hot mug of coffee or gluhwein. Spiced hot wine otherwise known as Gluhwein is a German is an age-old tradition this time of year. Not to mention those long spicy but delicious Nurnburg sausage sandwiches to go with it. Also a must stop and see is Lebkuchen Schmidt, a gingerbread shop dating back to 1610. This is the best place to purchase some and bring it back as gifts for friends and family.

Check out our day in this video. Don’t worry there are only a few seconds on the ship then you will see the good stuff. So grab a hot mug of Gluhwein, sit back and come to the Christkindlmarkt and enjoy!

For more info on the Nurnberg Christmas Markets click here.


  1. Oh that looks so like so much fun! Can’t wait to go..and it looks like on a River Cruise you could go to several different ones!! Thank you.

  2. Looks like fun! I’m intrigued about the old gingerbread shop. 1610? that really sounds old and interesting. 🙂

  3. This looks amazing! 🙂 I really love the pictures and the video! I have to add this to our bucket list!

  4. Nothing to beat the German Christmas markets, they say. I wish I could go…but December vacations don’t suit our schedule.

  5. I love the Christmas Markets in Germany! And it looked like you had a lot of fun – especially getting dropped at a different one every day!

  6. The Christmas markets sound really a great experience. Have always wanted to visit Europe around Christmas, especially for the Christmas markets. Hope we get there some day.

  7. That looks cool, I’ve been looking for a different Christmas market. I should visit this one 🙂


      It’s huge but its one of the most festive too. I love how you can walk around the corner from the main market to find different style markets. For instance the children’s market has a small carousel and the kiosks are all decorated extravagantly to make it more magical for kids. Or you might find an area with handmade crafts or leathers. Nurnberg is very special and one of a kind.

  8. This sounds so exciting! Christmas is a grand affair there just like Diwali in India. I am curious about the gingerbread shop from 1610! Looking forward to an opportunity to get there.


      I didn’t know you had Christmas markets in India! Would love to hear more about them. The gingerbread shop is iconic in the old town square and they have many varieties you can pick up there too.

  9. I’ll be visiting next week! Your video has gotten me even more excited. Thanks for the tip about the gingerbread shop. That’s a must!


      You are visiting next week? I can’t wait to hear all about your trip Jackie! Enjoy!

  10. I visited the Nurnberg Christmas market when I was studying in Germany. Not only this all German christmas markets are just spectacular with some Gluh Wine and a bratwurst to cozy up. I have to say the idea of the cruise, which I was not aware existed (as a link up with the market) was a wonderful idea.


      The markets are so spectacular with some gluhwein to go along with it! What’s great about the river cruise Christmas Markets cruise is that they take you to some of the best markets and all you have to do is walk off the ship and there you are. excitement, fun and shopping all within feet from where you dock! (for most markets)

  11. Now I want some Gluhwein! Great video, thanks for sharing. I absolutely love river cruises and would love to take a Christmas one! Happy travels 🙂


      Thanks Carmen, not to rub it in or anything but we just had some nice hot tasty gluwein! Maybe next year you will make it to the Christmas markets!

  12. I lived in Germany for 4 years. The best time is around Christmas. All the Christmas Markets and grabbing a hot brat or sausage while walking around. Sounds like you had a great time.


      Your whole time in Germany must have been amazing! Especially around Christmas where you could gain 10 pounds eating those fragrant Brats!

  13. That was a great read. Have been reading a lot of posts related to Christmas markets. Love to see so many wonderful things happening around the world.

  14. Christmas markets are one of the best things about Europe at this time of the year :D! Fantastic that you got to experience it, and super cool that Viking included a transfer!

    I haven’t been to Nurnberg before but will have to add it to my Europe Christmas Markets list!

  15. I love the colors of X-mas. Thanks for this post which puts us so much in X-mas mood. The gingerbread shop from 1610 looks intriguing.

  16. Christmas markets are such a great tradition in Austria and Germany and other European countries! I found out that some only sell rubbish anymore and it made me super sad. I remember when I was little that they only sold handicrafts and decoration.

  17. Wow those hot dogs were HUGE! Christmas markets look such a delight, we never had anything like that growing up in New Zealand and there’s certainly not anything like that here in Fiji. Another reason for me to have a Christmas in the northern hemisphere!

  18. Gingerbread shops and yummylicious Nurnburg sausage sandwiches are enough reasons to get to Christmas markets right? I wish we had some fun markets here too, well, I am headed to the beach for xmas so hopefully I still get some bread and sandwiches, not so fancy though ;p

  19. Surely Christmas is just around the corner! This is such a good collection!

  20. This looks so amazing! I would love to experience this in Germany!

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