Brunelleschi Hotel First Class Accommodations

Why we chose the Brunelleschi Hotel 

The Brunelleschi Hotel is only a few minutes walk to the Milan Duomo, that’s the reason we booked this hotel. Coming in from the coast our train was about 5 hours late so we got in after dark. The hotel is conveniently located just steps from the metro which was nice after the long train ride.

Hotel Brunelleschi in Milan Entry

Walking into the lobby you can tell this property is very nice. The all glass entry and revolving door has an attendant who greets you with a smile. I can’t say so much for the older gentleman who checked us in but all the other staff were more than helpful. There is also a nice looking restaurant and full bar to the left as you walk in that was full of people, with that I would think the food is good.

Milan Brunelleschi Hotel lobby


Brunelleschi Hotel in Milan restaurant and bar next to the lobby

What are the rooms like?

Grabbing our key we were escorted to our room which had a great view of the street that leads to the Duomo. Walking inside is a storage closet to the left and a nice big bathroom just ahead. A short hallway leads to the beds, a glass table and chairs, a long desk and TV. The colors are calming in pastel green and wood. It was very comfortable and not much art on the walls, just behind the bed.

Hotel Brunelleschi room

As mentioned the bathroom was large along with a large tub. Granite countertops fill the room, around the bathtub part of the walls. The tub has two shower heads one for the shower and one on the side for when you are bathing. The amenities were top-notch.

Hotel Brunelleschi bathroom and bathtub

The breakfast room is a huge perk. It was lovely with plants, nice tables and excellent breakfast buffet. They have a cappuccino machine and the coffee was good. The tables all had double linens which gave luxurious atmosphere to the room.

Hotel Brunelleschi in Milan breakfast room


Hotel Brunelleschi in Milan breakfast room

This hotel also had a fully equipped fitness room if you still have energy after a day of sightseeing.

Other than the man who checked us in I would recommend this hotel for anyone traveling to Milan. But I do have to say, if you don’t like people then find another job.

For more info contact:

Brunelleschi Hotel
Vía Baracchini 12. Milano, Milano, Italy
Telephone: +(39) 0288431, Fax: +(39)02804924

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