Booked and ready for Hawaii

Uh oh, Booked and ready for Hawaii, but will we actually make our flight?  I caught the flu a week before traveling and unfortunately it turned into bronchitis. Staying at a Park and Fly Hotel the night before I ended up coughing the whole night and felt crappy the morning we were to leave.

Plane and palm tree

John said give it a chance and go to the airport then see how I feel before canceling our flights. It seemed to keep getting worse and worse. All I could think of is being 35,000 in the air with no land in sight for hours and not being able to breathe. Besides that think of what the other passengers would think of this person coughing her head off onboard the plane. They would no doubt be worried that this traveler is trying to get them all sick while heading off to their dream vacation!

I finally went to the gate agent and asked if they knew if the craft would be pressurized enough to handle this kind of cough. At first he said it wouldn’t affect me at all. To be honest I wasn’t so sure about that. After about 10 minutes he came back to find me and said after talking to his supervisor I would not be allowed on the flight without a doctor’s note saying it was okay to fly. Boy did I feel relieved! I told John to go ahead and take the trip without me. Go have fun with our son and his girlfriend in Hawaii. He felt bad and wanted to stay with me but I insisted he go, I was totally fine with it.

Well that was until they called him to board the craft. That’s when something came over me and I wanted to go too! I cried all the way to the car thinking of how much fun I was going to miss with my family. I don’t get to see Justin too much since he moved to work in Hollywood about 8 years ago. Besides that, I think he might be proposing to Yana and I definitely don’t want to miss that! I ended up crying halfway home before calling my doctor to see what her thoughts would be about flying with bronchitis. Amazingly enough she had time to see me right away! Good thing our flight was at 7am, that gave me plenty of time to get things worked out.

Seats on a plane

After checking me out and putting me on a smokey breathing machine for 20 minutes she said I would be good to go. Writing out the note and giving a guarantee the high altitude would not affect me I made a reservation for the next day. It was good fortune that I got the last seat on the flight so I purchased a new ticket then went home to rest up before taking off for Hawaii. Will they let me on the flight tomorrow? Will I chicken out and just stay home?

Plane taking off in the morning

Stay tuned to see how this all turns out!



  1. Traveling while your sick can always be tough, but the thought of missing out on such a great trip would be hard! I’m glad you got to see your doctor so quickly. My family is thinking of visiting Hawaii in December (my parents used to live there), so I look forward to hearing about your adventures!


      December is such a perfect time to visit there! Usually perfect weather. How nice your parents used to live there, they will know all the places to see and best places to eat. Have fun when you go and I look forward to hearing all about your time there Kaylene!

  2. What a bummer that you had to miss out on your trip! I can relate. My sisters and I live in different parts of the States, and we had planned to meet in Albuquerque for a weekend. I came down with a terrible virus and had to cancel the day before! I hope you were able to take that second flight!


      That would have been so much fun to meet in Albuquerque, so sorry you had to miss it. Stupid virus’s!!! Maybe your family will try again soon. I’ll let you know soon if I made the trip!

  3. That was a lucky break, I hate flying when I’m even a little bit sick but I’d do anything not to miss Hawaii!


      Pretty much how I feel too Ashleigh! It is not fun flying when your head is plugged up, especially when you start your decent to your destination. But to miss Hawaii? Hopefully that will never be!

  4. Few people write about the problems that come with traveling, even with just the plane ride. But that’s part of traveling, and these things happen, so thanks for showing the other side of traveling.


      I’m thinking there are many stories that are never told about that subject. Some may help us, some may make us shake our heads and some would probably make us laugh our heads off too!

  5. OMG the suspense! I assume you made it? Ha ha. Great story 🙂

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  6. I hope you made it. I hate traveling when sick.

  7. i love the entry, and think it’s amazing that you can get on board to head to hawaii. I think you won’t chicken out because you want to spend time with your son – especially if it may potentially be a milestone.

    there’s nothing worse than getting sick before a flight and being “that” person that freaks people out about getting sick. i felt similar to you before i left for argentina, but it was the congestion that still lingered and the cough blew away.

    great writing style btw


      Thanks Traveling Chingrita you made me feel so much better!
      That had to be hard for you to travel to Argentina with congestion. My ears are hurting for you right now just thinking about it! Was it worth it though? Bet it was!

  8. Hope things work well for you. I hate being sick on a plane, makes my anxiety even worse. But honestly usually it is totally worth it.

  9. Wow, the suspense! Will you go? Will you not? Lol. But you must! You can’t miss the proposal. Plus it’s Hawaii. Who wants to be stuck at home sick when you can be stuck in Hawaii sick. Hope you felt better on your flight out. Looking forward to part two.


      LOL, Really, who DOES want to be stuck at home sick when you can do the same in Hawaii? Part 2 will be up soon!

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