Best Winter Hat You Will Ever Wear

“I wear my hat as I please, indoors or out.” 
― Walt Whitman

I recently went to a Christmas Market here in the United States of all places and found something that is so unique that I ran home to tell my husband “This is what I want for Christmas!”

Missing the European Christmas Markets I had to get my holiday fix at our local Christmas Show. It was fun but just didn’t have the atmosphere you find in Europe. Maybe a little hot gluhwien and live music would have helped. Walking down the aisles looking for something special I came across a booth that had my heart pumping for something I just had to buy. Filling the booth were long flowing colors of individually designed Hoodwraps. I had to stop and take a closer look. They looked so elegant we just had to try them on. The hood itself was large but cozy, the extended sides formed into a scarf. They are a combination of modern mixed with Renaissance.

Hoodwrap scarf a nice winter accessory to stay warm

Trying the Hoodwraps on Laura Kraft the designer helped us to understand the different ways to wear them to fit your style. You can let the sleeves hang straight down for a relaxed look, or wrap one around your neck with an easy knot. You can really step it up with a fashionable turn of the inside wrap, or just play around to see what you can come up with. No matter what you do its going to look great! A great feature are the pockets at the bottom of each side of the scarf. Perfect to warm your hands on cold days or store your cell phone for an easy reach.


Furry winter hat and scarf, the hood wrap is a stylish fashion statement

Girl showing off a HoodWrap winter hat

What makes this Hoodwrap stand out above other head wear is the craftsmanship involved. The materials used are top quality faux fur and designer fabrics in a reversible design for whatever your need. Perfect for cold nights, warm and fuzzy on the inside, classy on the outside. What you are purchasing is a work of art!

I looked around on the Internet to see if there is anything similar to these wraps and found they are one of a kind. I almost hope word will not get out on these and keep them all to myself but it’s too good not to share.

As a child Laura had a passion for beautiful things. She loved to experiment with colors and patterns to create unique works of art with clothing and jewelry. Planning a trip to the Burning Man in 2009, Laura decided to dream up something new and exciting to sell at the festival. This is how the Hoodwrap was started. They were such a success the decision was made to start a business. Now they are sold all over the world to those who want to wear fun expressive clothing. The doors have been opened to her creative abilities and has now grown and developed her talent into true art.

Laura also creates a snap scarf, another one of a kind creation that is equally impressive. Easy to use with unseen snaps and a stylish button to finish it off. I promise you, your friends will be begging you to tell them where you got it.



Not only hat’s but look at these gorgeous scarves!

By the way, I will be wearing mine next year in Europe at the real Christmas Markets!

If you would like to order a scarf or Hoodwrap you can contact Laura at

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