Best Travel Hacks

Trying to find the best travel hacks before you travel is beneficial. This is a dynamic world, especially in travel where its good to keep up on the ins and outs of easy travel. Here is our short list to make your trip a little less stressful.

Airport parking hack

Airport parking has increased exponentially in the past years to the point you should make a reservation at a lot at least two weeks prior to your flight. Here is a much better way to start your trip, stay at a Park and Fly hotel and you will find it has many benefits. Not only will you save money in the long run but you will also have the luxury of no rush hour traffic. No worries if your car breaks down along the way or a car accident along the way creating a traffic mess than missing your flight. Best of all enjoy an extra night of vacation for the same price or most times less.

Best time to buy, honest!

Want to get the best air rate for your dollar? Here’s a informative tip to save you money. Purchase your tickets on a Tuesday afternoon. Specials come on at noon Pacific Time. While this may not work every time on the whole it should work in your favor.

Best time to fly?

If you can travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday you can save a bundle. It does not have to be Tuesday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Wednesday, flying one of those days in each direction will give you the best rate.

Avoid connecting flight woes

Allow yourself at least a one hour connection when purchasing your tickets. Make sure if booking online to look further than just your departure and arrival times. Too many times we miss the amount of time in our connection city until we get there. We don’t count on the possible flight delay or how our next gate could be on the opposite side of the airport. Another hint is to go online then print out a map of that airport so you know exactly where that gate is.

Early Bird catches the worms

First flight out or last departures tend to have significant discounts.Besides that most Early Bird flights on not overbooked so its easier to upgrade or have an open seat next to you.

Airfare Watchdog 

Have a little time before you leave? Airfare Watchdog will keep you up to date on the best deals out there. Put your name on the mailing list then Airfare Watchdog will keep you up to date on all discounted airfares for your city pairs.

Lounging for comfort

One of my favorite ways to start a long trip is to take some relaxing time in an airport lounge. Known throughout the world as the “Admirals Club”, “Board Room” or “Sky Club”. What are some of the benefits of purchasing a “Day Pass” to the lounge?

  • Deep, soft comfortable chairs
  • Quiet luxurious surroundings
  • Avoid the crowds at the gates
  • An open bar which includes soft drinks, beer, wine and liquor
  • Food from nuts and crackers to full course dinners depending on airport
  • Customer Service to help with upgrades, seat assignments, check-in
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Large screen TV’s
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Perfect place to relax for delayed or cancelled flights

You can purchase a “Day Pass” for approximately $50.

Classy airport lounge

Take the tour

Long layovers can be boring, tiring and frustrating. Watching the clock tick by minute by minute can feel like an hours. But there is hope for something better. Most layovers are in large cities that have hundreds of interesting things to see and do, so why not get out of the building with a special “Layover tour”! They are becoming very popular as word is getting out about them. There are two ways to do this, get online and find a reputable tour company that will pick you up, take you around then drop you off at the airport in time for your next flight. Option two is do it on your own. Take a metro or taxi or bus into town and the city is wide open for you to explore. There are museums, parks, historical buildings and sites, shopping, restaurants to check out just to name a few things to do. You will need at least 4 hours or more for an excursion. It’s now becoming vogue to book a connection on purpose just to visit a city you otherwise never would. Another tip, studies have shown you arrive at your final destination more refreshed by taking these breaks on longer International flights.

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Middle seat mania

Nothing is worse than getting stuck with a middle seat. The unwritten rule is that the passenger in the middle seat gets both arm rests. If you get a rude person next to you don’t let that stop you from taking your privileged right. You get the arm rests. Even the flight attendants will stick up for you if asked.

Row of seats onboard a commercial airline

These shoes are made for more than walking

Normally when packing shoes you cringe at how much space they take and worried they will be crushed in the luggage. Here is a great idea to take advantage of the space: stuff those shoes with all you can get in them. I’ve used plastic bags for my jewelry and stuffed them in the front of the shoe then added socks to keep them safe. They work nice for toiletries also.

Zip it up

There is nothing worse than halfway through your trip your luggage zipper breaks. Here is a quick tip on how to save that suitcase! Use a lubricant like Petroleum jelly or I always have natural lanolin with me for dry hands and feet, that works well too. Rub the lubricant onto the zipper where the tooth is sticking out or bent. Ask your hotel to borrow some pliers and squeeze it back into place.

Fixing the zipper on luggage with pliers

Talking about Jewelry

Two more easy ways to transport your valuables. Cut an egg carton to the size you need then fill up the holes with your stuff. For your necklaces straws are a surprisingly convenient way to keep your necklaces safe. Just run the chain through the straw then snap it together outside the straw. Clean and easy!

Get with the program

Best hint for car rentals, join a “Loyalty” or “Rewards” program before booking your car. Most car companies will allow a second driver for free among other perks you can build on. Check with your credit card company but many credit cards include your insurance especially helps overseas. If you card to not cover you check into airline credit cards most allow for insurance. Check to make sure the country you are driving in allows for this, places like Ireland do not have an agreement to cover the car and then you will be forced to purchase their own insurance.

Car loyalty program card

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) more than salad dressing

Susceptible to bug bites? Mosquitoes love you? Nothing works better to relieve the itch than apple cider vinegar! It’s also good for jet lag by giving you the extra energy to make it through the day. Got the hiccups? A teaspoon of ACV will take care of that! It also will soothe sunburns. One more thing, if you have an upset stomach the vinegar is a natural calmer and known as a natural antibiotic. Here is a great recipe you may want to use:

  • 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tbsp fresh ginger water
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 8 oz. sparkling water
  • raw honey, organic maple sugar or stevia to taste

Wi-Fi it

Why waste minutes on your phone when you can use free wi-fi at airports, hotels and some restaurants? Most places nowadays have free Internet. Why not take advantage of it? Just be careful not to send sensitive information over a non-secure connection.

Going up!

I just found out about this exciting little tip and it’s very cool! I don’t know if I should give away this secret but I just can’t help myself. Did you know that when staying in a high-rise hotel that you can skip all floors and go nonstop to your floor? Here is the greatest tip I’ve heard in ages and this is what you do: Just press the floor your room is on and the “close door” button at the same time. Give it a few seconds and “Walla!” You are on a nonstop ride to your floor!


  1. These are all very helpful tips! I had some bad experiences with connecting flights recently to the point that caused baggage delays, it was so inconvenient.


      Don’t you hate when that happens? Especially when you make it to your destination and your bags are still in the connecting city. Sorry to hear you had to go through those experiences…. 🙁

  2. Hi Nancy, Great article, these are wonderful tips for any traveler. I already do a lot of these but you gave me a couple new ones…Thanks!


      Thanks Lisa, glad there were a couple you have not heard of before. It’s hard to come up with new ones for seasoned travelers!

  3. These are all great tips! I find it cheaper to fly out on Tuesday. By the way, I had no idea about Apple Cider Vinegar and the zipper trick so I will definitely keep that in mind for future travels! Thanks!


      I love flying out on Tuesday’s also, the planes don’t seem as crowded either especially in the early morning or last flights out. Thanks Definitely Wanderlust!

  4. I like your rule: “the passenger in the middle seat gets both arm rests”, and i fully agree.

    One thing: I would highly advice giving more than just 1 hour for a connection time, especially if the first flight segment is international, and especially if you’ve checked baggage. You might make it and your bag might miss it.

  5. Great tips, it’s easy to forget some of these good ideas


      I know, right? How many times have we slapped our own heads when we realize we forgot to do something to make our trip more comfy or interesting? Thanks Ashleigh!

  6. Great tips! The luggage zipper one is great. Would’ve never thought of that. And apple cider vinegar – didn’t know it had so many uses.

  7. Great travel hacks! I typically always fly out on Wednesday’s because it seems to be the cheapest. And I’ve recently discovered Tuesday afternoon is the cheapest time to book flights. I also really want to try an airport lounge soon, never been in one before.


      Airport lounges are worth every cent. If you start using them you will find you will leave for the airport hours before just to enjoy some luxurious time before your flight!

  8. The Roaming

    Great advice, it’s always great finding out new tips and tricks for travel, especially when they can save you heaps of cash!

  9. Interesting post, I did not know about the middle seat! And the “take the tour” point could be a blog post by itself 😉


      A lot of people are just learning about the middle seat unwritten law, its just having to teach the person next to you who give an inch sometimes. I have to admit, taking a tour on a longer layover is my favorite of all the tips.

  10. Oh wow, these are ALL great tips! Bookmarking this, thanks for sharing 🙂 Happy travels!


      Thanks Carmen, I know you have many tips that would help in the luxury travel market too!

  11. These are great tips! I could not figure out why Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays have the lowest airfares…I didn’t know about the elevator hack but will sure try and keep to so myself 😀


      The airlines lower fares on less traveled days, that’s why those 3 days are generally less expensive to travel. That’s probably why you still see full planes even on those less desired days.

      Just getting back from Puerto Vallarta where one of the two elevators was broken down, we tried the hack and guess what? It worked!

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