Best sleep device for long haul flights

Traveling long International flights can be trying, your body isn’t made to sit for 12 hours in tiny seats with no leg room. Once the lights go out you look for just about anything you can scrunch up to lean on just for a little peace and comfort. Soft covered neck pillows that wrap around your neck are a good sleep device, but can wake up with a horrible neck ache before reaching your destination. after a little research here are a few idea’s that could make all the difference in arriving fully rested and refreshed.

Skyrest Travel Pillow – Soft, comfy and easy to use. Inflate once you reach altitude then release air from the attached valve until you find your comfort zone. Set it up on your tray table lean forward and you are in business for a good sleep. It also takes pressure off your back and tailbone so you will feel like new when you arrive at your destination. More on Skyrest.

SkyRest Pillow onboard flight

1st Class Sleeper – Even traveling in coach you can find first class comfort with the 1st Class Sleeper. Again this product is inflatable in just a few blows of your breath. The design was made to position your body to support your lumbar region. Soft and cushy the sleeper conforms to your body for ultimate comfort. The top holds your head in place so you won’t arrive with a crimped neck or headache. More on Travelon 1st Class Sleeper

1st Class Sleeper a device to help you sleep comfortably on long haul flights

J Pillow – No neck aches when you take this pillow with you on long flights. The J design keeps your head in place as you fly.  Starting from your chin climbing up along your neck and head to support your upper body. The J Pillow is perfect for bus tours and traveling by car too. More about J Pillow

J Pillow a travel pillow that supports your head and neck while flying

Highview iPad Hanger – Although this is not officially a sleep device if you are traveling with kids you might find it helpful to relax. When your flights don’t have seat back movie screens this gadget is a must for tablet users. Download movies onto your pad and enjoy entertainment all the way to your destination. This very simple design is a breeze to pack and only weighs ounces and is effortless to set up. You will keep not just yourself but kids entertained for hours. More about Highview iPad Hanger

iPad hanger that hangs on the seat in front of you while flying

Little Cloud Nine – It may look funny, you may wonder what people are thinking as you inflate it, but if you want a little comfort in the air then you may want to try it. The Little Cloud Nine gives your head and neck support with hand pockets for a cozy sleep. When not using for napping unfold it and use as a back support for even more comfort. More about Little Cloud Nine

Little Cloud Nine travel pillow

Finding a way to get a little comfort on those long flights can be difficult. These sleep devices will be a luxury to help you along the way.

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