Best Reasons To Take a European River Cruise

Imagine floating smoothly down the Danube River with a drink in hand and the aroma of dinner being prepared downstairs. Relaxing in comfy chairs chatting with other passengers about the fun events of the day. Everyone loved walking through the small village they had visited and getting to see with their own eyes the interesting sights that most travelers won’t see on their own.

European river cruise ship

As we talk about the delectable food at the small hideaway restaurant on the tour that day we also begin talking about the next days tour and what surprises might be in store for us. All the while as the scenery changes while passing by.

After some late night entertainment with a glass of local red wine its time to head to our stateroom so we can be refreshed for the next days journey. But not before swapping emails with each other to keep in touch after the cruise.

European river ship going through a lock

Going through a lock just before Passau

That is just one day of river cruising, and there is much, much more to enjoy and here is why:

1. No dragging heavy suitcases from hotel to hotel instead you unpack only once for the whole cruise.

2. No home cooked meals here instead you will try all kinds of regional foods, seafood,  gourmet food and sauces that cover your plate you won’t have anywhere else.

3. How about a tour with your cruise? A huge benefit taking a river cruise is all your tours are included. No out of pocket expense which can add up quickly or tours that can sell out before you have a chance to book it. All with local guides who know the best sights and history of their city. You will be given a little time on your own to explore more on your own or shop. If you have been there before or have friends or family in the area you are free to do as you wish, just make sure you are back before departure time.

Sailing by Durnstein Cottages on the Danube River

Cute cottages in Durnstein along the Danube River

4. Make yourself at home The staterooms are large, comfortable with modern decor and plenty of room for all the souvenirs and gifts you will be bringing home. A fully stocked mini fridge is free of charge. All cabins have a large window and the private balconies a sliding glass door with seats, a great place to have a cup of coffee before your morning activities.

Veranda cabin onboard a European River cruise

Veranda cabin

5. Something new everyday Along either side of the river are interesting towns, villages and cities. Sometimes off the beaten path, sometimes world renown cities. Each stop is an exploration of history, shopping, dining and viewing interesting museums and sights.

6. Can we say service? First class throughout the whole ship. From the time you board all you see are friendly faces and a helpful staff. Twenty four hours a day are people who are there to make sure you have everything you need and then some.

7. No Tux needed Finally a cruise where you don’t have to pack 3 large suitcases to make sure you have enough clothes for any occasion. You will find most women wear a comfortable dress or slacks the dining staff is not going to turn you away if you come in with jeans. Men will be thrilled!

8. No need for Dramamine Rivers unlike oceans are not influenced by storms. Its a smooth ride the whole time except if another ship sails by a little too quickly but the effect only lasts a moment. Travelers susceptible to motion sickness won’t have to worry about it ruining their trip on a river cruise.

9. Don’t overthink it A cruise on the rivers take the stress out of planning. Just decide which river, the dates you can travel and leave the rest up to the cruise line. They can even get your flights and transfers to the ship. If you watch for the specials you may find a 2 for 1 special on air or even the price of the cruise.

10. Computer nerds rejoice River cruise lines got smart and implemented computer access in each cabin and special rooms for those that just did not want to travel with theirs. Keep in touch with all your friends and family throughout the trip.


  1. Now I want to go on a river cruise!

  2. My grandparents took me on a river cruise from Vienna, Austria to Amsterdam, the Netherlands…now I live I Amsterdam. I think they started my travel bug. And I’m sure it’s no coincidence that I live in the city that I flew out of while leaving Europe behind so many years ago!

    • Sounds like you have awesome grandparents. That they left you with that dreadful “travel bug” disease I think I like them even more! How funny Amsterdam was the first European city we flew into. Jealous you are living there!

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