Airport Connection Tips

Have you ever been caught unaware with a very short connection at a major airport? If you are like me you have probably found that you had to run like a crazy person to make the next leg of your flight. Although it sounds good to have a short connection when booking flights, you just never know if an unexpected schedule change will happen or a delay from your previous flight. With new flight rules it is now mandatory to be seated on your flight 20 minutes prior to take off or you will be looking to take a later flight. Here are a few tips that will take the ouch! out of quick connections.

Underground airport escalator transportation between terminals

12 Best Airport Connection Tips

1. First of all, when booking your flight make sure that you have a 1 hour connection or more. If booking through a travel agent ask for the itinerary and make sure it is exactly what your discussed. If you book through the Internet read your schedule carefully before paying in full. Cushion your connection!

2. Check on the Internet regularly to make sure a change has not been missed. If your reservation has a schedule change by the airline you may make a change to fit your schedule without a fee.

3. Don’t travel with heavy carry on bags and keep it to just one carry on and a purse or small briefcase.

4. Wear comfortable, lightweight shoes for when you have to run for a flight.

5. Find out from your flight attendant if you have a delayed flight to contact the airline to let them know that it will be a tight squeeze getting to the gate.

6. Don’t dawdle or look in shops on the way to your next gate.

7. Pack snacks in your carry on if you were planning on eating between flights.

8. Find out from the ticket counter if the know what gate your next flight will be departing from. Then have a printed out map of the airport before leaving home. Also must in-flight magazines will have an airport map in the back pages. Be careful of gate changes while en-route.

9. Have phone numbers of hotels, car rentals, transfer companies and people who plan to pick you up from your flight. If you miss your connection call and let them know so you won’t lose your reservations or have people waiting hours for you.

10. If you need to absolutely be at a certain destination on that day, for instance a cruise or tour, fly in a day early.

11. Make sure your watch is changed the correct time for your time zone before departing. Your cell phone should change automatically.

12. If you do happen to miss your flight due to a delay or schedule change, check with the ticket counter to see if they will give you food vouchers. If you happened to be booked on the last flight out the airline should put you up in a hotel for the night along with meal vouchers.


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