Advice On How To Stay Safe In Hotel Rooms

Its amazing how we can be so trusting while staying in hotels until an unexpected event happens that wakes us up to the fact sometimes your not as safe as you think. Most hotels are quite safe but why would you want to chance losing your valuables? A few simple precautions to be aware of before you leave can keep you safe, warm and happy.


Suitcase on couch inside a hotel room


Stay safe

Get High Request a 2nd floor or higher so potential thieves can’t break in through a window.

Hour by Hour Before confirming your reservation check to make sure the front desk is staffed 24 hours a day.

Beat the Heat Request your room away from the fire exits. Just as they are easy to get out in case of an emergency, its also easy for a thief to break into rooms next to the fire escape.

Upside Down Its better to be safe than sorry. With the ability to take photos quickly with cell phones these days when you check into your hotel hand your credit card directly to the clerk directly or turn your card upside down on the counter.

Hang it Up Always hang the “Do not disturb” signs on the outside door knobs. If a thief thinks someone is in there good chance they will skip your room.

Sound of Music Turn on the TV. Sounds in the room will deter potential thieves.

Safety First Make sure your accommodations have a safe in the room. Put everything of value in the safe every time you leave your room. Even for a quick continental breakfast. If your room safe looks like it has seen its better days or is too small for your computer or other larger valuables most hotels have one in their office that should be secure. Take photos with your cell phone of the items you leave for extra precaution. The hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Double Down If you have 2 iPhones or Androids download an app where they communicate with each other. Leave one of your cell phones in the room, if it hears any noise it will contact the phone you are carrying. You can hear what is going on then if needed contact the front desk. M-Spy is simple, all you need is your pin number then leave one of the cell phones in a safe place in your room and you have instant listening access.  Also RL Watcher gives you more access by remotely sensing movement, sound or even just the slightest motion of your phone

Knuckle Down The next best thing to brass knuckles are your keys. Put them between your fingers with the rigid part sticking out and you have an effective weapon.

All Stopped Up Pick up a small Super Door Stop Wedge Alarm door stop for when you are inside. Place it under the door so no one can come in the door while you are there.


Door Wedge security door alarm system perfect for hotel room safety

The Door Wedge can be programmed for movement in your room to scare off any intruder


Take it to the Bank Don’t go into sites such as your bank on public Wi-fi unless you’re using a virtual private network like Express VPN. This app will encrypt your Internet so hackers cannot access your information. Keeps all your entries secure and confidential.

Scream like a Woman Seriously, you can never be too safe. What would you do if a stranger came into your room at night while you were sleeping? Would you be so shocked you couldn’t even make a whisper let alone scream for your life? There is a Scream Alarm! panic device out there that would scare off even the worst of attackers. You can use an app for your cell phone or pick up a Vigilant Personal Protection System small carry device.



Vigilant Personal Protection System device

Vigilant Personal Protection System is tops for safety at all times


Don’t Be Alarmed This is one of my favorite safety travel gadgets. This small alarm system is not only easy to set up on windows and doors but it also has a neat little flashlight so you can see the key opening. The Travel Door Alarm is worth every cent.


Travel door alarm security system for safety staying in hotels

Compact and easy to pack alarm to keep you safe


Travel Door Alarm security system LED light to see the keyhole to your room.

This feature is one that goes beyond the hotel room. Works great for finding the keyhole for car trunk at night too!


Last but not least stay alert of your surroundings, if you see anyone suspicious let the front desk know right away. Its better to be safe than sorry and who knows you might be saving not only yours for other guests from someone ruining their trip.

I’m sure there are more tips but these will help you to sleep a little more soundly and hopefully a worry free hard earned vacation.


  1. I saved this post for my backpacking trip to Indonesia. Thanks for the usefull tips!

  2. These are all good tips. Honestly, I’m not really that mindful when staying in hotels, but after reading this, I think I should. I like the Do Not Disturb sign trick. That’s pretty clever I think.

  3. Wonderful tips! I completely agree with every point mentioned in this post! However, I would like to say that not all hotel safes are secure. Many of them can be easily broken. We must make sure that our hotel room has safes that has been made using good technology and has been manufactured by reputed companies. For example, I always try to book hotels that uses safes from because I know they are very secure. So keeping these points in mind is important to ensure complete safety.

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