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My husband and I with camera'sWhat do you get when you put a long term travel consultant and avid photographer together? Two Travel Fanatics! Even though I (Nancy) went to college to become a computers systems analyst the travel bug hit me during my second year and next thing I knew I was in travel school. John all along always had a camera in hand trying to record everything we did through his photos and wow, did we have film hanging everywhere in our home. Thank goodness for the digital age!

We were fortunate to both be SoCal locals, John who grew up in Malibu and yes I was a real “Valley Girl”. Living in Los Angeles we were able to hit the Big Bear ski slopes for a morning and afternoon run then end up with great sunsets along the coast. It was the perfect life traveling all over California, from San Diego to Lake Shasta, Catalina to Reno it was fun to explore our state. And, of course Las Vegas, Mexico or Baja were all so easy to visit. But the best deals back then was Hawaii where you could purchase a cheap $399 7 night package with Pleasant Hawaiian. We spent a lot of time going between the two states and never without a camera.

The days of sun and warmth came to an end when John who worked in Agriculture became a vineyard specialist and was in high demand for the Pacific Northwest. This all happened before the NW became a world contender for the best Pinot Noir. John helped a lot of the now well known vineyards get started which was fine by me, we had our arms twisted to try out the newest and the best wines. Not a bad life at all and living in the Willamette Valley. We have loved the chance to meander down small winding roads and find surprising gems when we get there. Unknown waterfalls, small rustic towns with killer views of the Cascades, large deep blue lakes with snowcapped volcano’s in the background even haystack rocks that line the Oregon coast, all have all been a blessing to see with our own eyes. Quite a difference from the arid California scenery.

Working in the travel industry again they had to twist my arm to travel the world. Yes, I am being sarcastic! But we found that we had a real love for Europe and would travel several times a year. Each time I had to write a report for work and used my husbands photo’s to compliment the work. Our clients loved the details of the destinations so it comes naturally to build a blog. John was not able to travel on every trip but I usually had my trusty little point and shoot to make up for when he could not make it.

So here is what I hope will be a helpful, informative and sometimes fun to read blog. We hope you will find the time to visit and watch us grow!


  1. Congrats on starting this blog! Not only will it be helpful to readers, such as myself, but it is also a great way to journal all of the places that you have been recently. Best wishes in developing a successful blog. And safe travels!

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Thanks Ray and I agree, it is the perfect way to remember all the interesting, fun things you did on your trip. In fact it pushes you to do things you normally wouldn’t!

  2. Hey guys! I am the artist responsible for the mural in Williams – – I am particularly proud of the front window depicted in the mural, and I notice that is the view you chose for your blog!

    There’s a funny story about that window. Even with a 40-plus year background as a sign painter, I was struggling with HOW you would depict a gold-leaf glass sign on a stucco wall! Well, I was sleeping in the building while working on the mural, and “the vision” came to me at 3:00 one morning. So excited was I, that I scurried out to the lift, fired it up and began painting by head lamp so I wouldn’t forget that dream-semi-conscious epiphany.

    I think it came out great and I am so happy you liked my work!

    John Ton – – Petaluma, CA

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