A Walk in Barcelona’s Park Guell

When you think of Barcelona’s best what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the sandy beaches? Maybe its meandering down the lively street of  Las Ramblas, a mecca for street performers, outdoor cafe’s and shopping. Could it be the city your cruise departs from? For most people it’s the home of Antonio Gaudi the famous architect of whimsical creations.

We knew about the different apartments built by Gaudi but a whole park of his works? Now we had to see that! Park Guell is located on Mount Caramel Turó on the hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Taking a bus to the park there is a short 4-5 minute uphill walk from where they drop you off.  Once we arrived you couldn’t help but notice the crowds outside the park walls. We were fortunate though, we heard they only allow 400 people maximum into the park at a time but we got tickets! It’s incredible how busy it get there. Most of the throng of people were between the entry and the tall columned structure that looks like a Greek temple. Once you venture out from there the abundance of people thins out quickly.

Follow along with us on our journey through the wonderland of Barcelona’s Park Guell!

Walking along the street to park guell in barcelona spain

Walking to the park from the bus stop is uphill. Living in the Cascade Mountain range we are used to steep hills but if you are not take it slow and take a small break as needed. Might as well smell the roses and enjoy the view.


Entry sign into Park Guell in Barcelona Spain

We made it! As you can see some visitors prefer taking a taxi.


The entry into Park Guell in Barcelona Spain

The entry into Park Guell almost has an animated Disneyesque feel to it. The two buildings on either side of the entry are affectionately called the Hansel and Gretel houses. The checkered walls with uniquely tiled spires lead the way to what looks like a Greek temple.


Guell Park Catalan Coat of Arms by Gaudi in Barcelona Spain

Along the walk upstairs is Gaudi’s rendition of Catalan’s Coat of Arms. Looks like a cross between a platypus and  lion to me!


The Dragon Fountain in Park Guell in Barcelona Spain

We loved this little lizard looking creature located between the entry and the pavilion. The Dragon Fountain is the most iconic works of art in the park. Kid’s like petting the dragon and when parents are not looking try to climb up on him.


The Greek Theater in Park Guell Barcelona Spain

The Greek Theater also known as the Hypostyle is the most popular spot in the Park. The Hypostyle chamber, also called the Chamber of the Hundred Columns although there are really only 96. You will see local workers having lunch there, kids having fake sword fights and lovers hand in hand watching the sunset.


Inside the Greek Temple at Parc Guell in Barcelona Spain

Where the stairway ends and the Temple begins are 100 Doric Grecian columns that hold up the Gran Placa Circular or the longest bench in the world. This area was meant for neighbors to get together for picnics, dances and meetings. The ceiling filled with motion and colorful mosaics is a sight to see.


A pidgeon walking on the Serpentine benches that Gaudi created at Park Guell in Barcelona Spain

The Serpentine benches that border the upper pavilion are made from recycled broken tiles. Gaudi created a beautifully abstract collage of color. Each section was a different. I couldn’t imagine all the hours involved making this bench.


The Serpentine bench that surrounds the Pavilion at Barcelona's Park Guell

Serpentine is the perfect name for this bench, see how it slithers and waves itself around to make tiny coves to sit in? That was genius! And notice how the colors of the tiles change slowly but merges in a a dynamic color scheme?


Park Guell house that Antonio Gaudi lived in with the serpentine bench

More of the Serpentine bench with the house that Gaudi lived in for 20 years. His house was converted into a museum which you can visit for a fee.


Park Guell Gaudi aquaduct

Gaudi’s idea of a Roman aqueduct only it’s for people, not water. The craggy rock columns almost look too skinny to hold up the bridge but if it has lasted almost 100 years they should last awhile longer.


A man with a wand that make huge bubbles at Park Guell in Barcelona Spain

The walkway past the aqueduct leads to the local Barcelonian’s favorite hiking trails. Along the way we were treated to this man who entertained us with these huge bubbles. Musicians are found playing their instruments throughout the park also.


A park sign showing a green monster picking up after their dog

Make sure you pick up after your dog or something scarier than this bug-eyed creature in the sign is coming after you. Be afraid, be very afraid!


Casa Martí Trias i Domènech in Barcelona Spain

At the base of the hiking trails is the first and only sold house in the complex. Here is where the history of Park Guell comes into play. Eusebi Güell bought this land to create an elaborate estate for Barcelona’s upper class. He asked his friend Antonio Gaudi to have free reign to do whatever he wanted for this project.


Casa Trias home in park guell barcelona spain

This home is the Casa Martí Trias i Domènech, built in 1905. It is one of only two mansions actually constructed out of the 60 or so that were planned. Purchased by successful lawyer Martí Trias i Domènech a friend of both Guell and Gaudi in 1906. Unfortunately due to WWI the development never made it. Good for us though, now we have Park Guell!


Casa Trias from one of the hikes at Guell Park in Barcelona

We decided to take the hiking trail that borders the park. Only because we were short on time. Next time we will hike the hills behind Guell Park. This shot will give you an idea of how pretty it is there. Casa Trias from the trees.


Next we came to Gaudi's tribute to Christ's resurrection

Next we came to Gaudi’s tribute to Christ’s resurrection and the highest point of the park. It’s nice to see other visitors making the trek up there.


The cross at the top of Guell Park and best view of Barcelona

The best part to this hike you may ask? Why the view of course!


View of weird graffiti art on a building in Barcelona, Spain

And then there is this! Someone sure got creative! Creepy but creative.


The outside of the wave at Park Guell in Barcelona Spain

Traveling back down the hill is the second most photographed spot in the park. The outside of “The Wave”.


Inside The Wave at Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain

Inside the wave gives you an illusion that you are sideways. Sort of like when you visit mystery houses and paranormal vortexes. You will periodically see kids climb on the side of the wall pretending to surf the wave. John tried it but it did nothing for the adventure in him.


One of the pillars that holds up The Wave at Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain

Since “The Wave” is also called the “Laundry Room” here is a statue of the “Laundry Woman”. Don’t think you will find pillars like this anywhere else in the world.


Hansel and Gretel house at Park Guell in Barcelona Spain

Finally the end of the trail we are back at the entrance where we will say goodbye to Gaudi and have a lasting memory of some of his greatest works.


Important info on Park Guell

First of all give yourself at least 3 hours to visit. If adding Gaudi Museum add one more hour. If you get hungry

Entrance Fees
Adults:  €8.00
Children 7 – 12 years:  €5.60
Infants 0 – 6 years:  €0.00
Over 65 years:  €5.60
Disabled visitor:  €5.60

There is no admission needed for the Greek Temple or Hiking Trails


Park Guell Hours

01 January – 28 March
08:30 – 18:15 (Last entry 17:30)

29 March – 03 May
08:00 – 20:00 (Last entry 19:30)

04 May – 06 September
08:00 – 21:00 (Last entry 21:00)

07 September – 24 October
08:00 – 20:00 (Last entry 19:30)

25 October – 31 December
08:30 – 18:15 (Last entry 17:30)


  1. Beautiful!

  2. One of my favorite architects is Gaudi and I’ll never forget walking through the park. Loved your pictures.

  3. I may be the lone ranger here but i just looked from the outside was not inspired enough to folk out the cash to get inside. There is so much free amazing architecture in barcelona

    • They allow you inside for free where you can walk around and just look at some of the work. It’s different from the Gaudi architecture see in town. I agree its too bad they charge such a high price at this time but the proceeds go towards the upkeep of this large park.

  4. Great post. I spent some time in Barcelona but it was a few years ago. Gaudi architecture was amazing and the Las Ramblas incredible, if not a little daunting. We had some major credit card fraud here though so I’ve always been a little tentative about going back. Your post has certainly intrigued me again.

    • That is scary when you have credit card fraud on a trip especially if you are overseas. It can take up to two weeks to receive another card. Did you have another card to use for the rest of your trip? We had that happen in Rome once but thank goodness it was the night before we were heading home.

  5. Sounded like a wonderful day. Nothing like a good walk in the park.

  6. Beautiful photos! Gaudi is <3

  7. I love those artistic way of building! It looks like a fairy tale. The house of the witch at hans and gretl. If I’m in Barcelona I definately visit this Gaudi park!

  8. Barcelona and its Mosaics and of course Gaudi are just so unreal

  9. I heard so much about Gaudi park, definitely a must visit place when you’re in Barcelona! This city is full of amazing architecture. Great photos you have btw 😉

  10. It’s a fascinating place isn’t it, bizarre but beautiful! Barcelona was my first solo trip abroad and I remember the Park Guell fondly, mainly because there was a flautist under the columns playing (I’m a flute player too) and the acoustics were amazing! Didn’t realise the houses at the front were Hansel and Gretl though, rather fitting for the fairytale!

    • What a great place to start your first solo trip! There is so much to do there but also a good place to meet people with all the Tapas bars. I have traveled solo there too, it was fun and to have the freedom to do it your way. And how perfect was that to have a flautist playing in the temple when you visited Park Guell?

  11. Gaudi is one of my favourite artists. While in Barcelona, we spent half day in this park and later visited La Pedrera and La Sagrada Familia. He was definitely a genius.

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