15 Funniest Questions Asked About Travel

You never know what to expect from people especially if they are new to travel. I have a list a mile long of crazy, rude, or head slapping moments.

At airport making a decision on where to go and which way

Travel: The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist


Here are my funniest questions asked about travel:


1. When I get to Las Vegas can you tell me where to play Russian Roulette?

2. Do I need to bring my own clothes line to dry my bathing suit from my cruise ship balcony?

3. What time is the midnight buffet?

4. Why can’t my dog come with me on our cruise? He’s part of the family and should come with us as a 3rd person in cabin for free.

5. What do you mean there is no bar on the plane? Isn’t that the best way to pick up chicks?

Drunk on plane

6. Why are you asking  me which country I want to visit? I said I want to go to Europe!

7. Do you mean to tell me in England they speak English? Now that’s convenient!

8. What do you mean the sun is up all night in Anchorage? How am I going to sleep with all that light?

9. Does my all-inclusive resort include food?

10. Does your service include baby sitting my children who are staying home?

11. You mean I’ll be traveling with other people than Americans? What will we talk about?

12. My sister said that Steve Irwin the “Crocodile Hunter” was killed by a sting-ray while swimming, will that happen to me if I go for a swim in Waikiki?

13. Will I have to buy foreign currency on my trip to New York?

14. Do you know if they have Chinese food in Beijing?

15. All flight attendants are young, leggy and voluptuous, right? You know like Gwyneth Paltrow in “View from the Top”! (You would have to see the movie to understand….)

Just a few of the hilarious things people say when you work in the travel industry and honestly these were real question I was asked along the way!

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