12 Reason’s to Take to The rails in Europe

Train in EuropePlanning a trip to Europe has you making all kinds of decisions. I know when I go I think about not just who  has the cheapest airfares but I do like certain airlines and even if their rate is a little higher will go with them instead. Same thing with hotels and cars but rail tickets? Well there is many decisions to make when purchasing a rail ticket unlike air, cars and hotels. I suggest if you are traveling mostly by rail to more than 2 or 3 short distance destinations then buy a pass. Here are a few tips and perks on why you want to take to the rails in Europe:

1. Eurail does not charge for your oversized luggage, whatever you can lug onboard you are allowed to bring. Unlike airlines that charge fees for heavy or extra bags – PERK!

2. If you miss your train or connection no problem, you can hop on the next train – PERK!

3. Purchasing a rail pass entitles you to discounted or even free ferry services like the Greek Ferry system, Norway, Sweden, etc. along with discounts for hotels, museums and attractions – PERK!

4. You meet some of the most interesting people on trains! My husband and I sat next to a man who was part of the WWII French resistance and he told us the best stories! He gave us his address and phone number so we could keep in touch. BTW, he also helped to rebuild Caen a famous WWII city that was pretty much destroyed – FUN!

5.  The train travels up to 24 countries so virtually goes anywhere you want to go – Nice!

6. You can see the country while sitting comfortably with food and drinks. Relax and enjoy the scenery while traveling to your next destination. If you get tired of sitting you can walk between cars or have something to eat in the cafe, bar or even a restaurant onboard. Play cards or on your tablet its traveling the way you want – PERK!

7. Train stations are located in city centers unlike airlines that are miles away. Although most airports do have a station or one very near them. With the great city center location you have easy access to hotels, restaurants, shopping and attractions – PERK!

8. You have the option to compare point to point fares versus using a rail pass online to make sure you will be able to purchase the best deal for train travel – PERK!

9. No being there 2 hours prior to check-in before boarding, no long lines going through security to get to your gate, no frustration waiting for your seat numbers to be called to board. Announcements on the loud-speaker let you know your free to board at your own pace – NICE!

10. Easy booking online but if you have questions? There is always someone ready to help you with a toll-free number – GREAT!

11. Take a night train with a compartment. Why waste time out of your day to travel when you can sleep all the way there, wake up get on with exploring Europe – AWESOME!

12. Eurail has epic journey’s for instance Chocolate train tour in Switzerland or how about Norway in a Nutshell see all the best!  How about the Glacier Express from Zermatt to St.Moritz mountains and plenty of tunnels and scenery or the Bernina Express into Italy – STUNNING!

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