10 Ways to Sleep Well in Hotels

Hotels can bring you and enjoyable experience with clean, new surroundings and service to the hilt, but then there are times where you have booked yourself a nightmare. Some of my worst stays were due to not researching out the property before staying there. So here is a short list of how to get the most Zโ€™s for your sanity.

Sleeping in hotel room

1. Pick up a book
Get online and check out the reviews. Not just from the hotel itself but Trip Advisor has been in the business for years so you will have a long list of postings. Look at the more current reviews, the hotels change through the years good to bad, bad to good.

2. How about a soda?
That would be fine but when booking your room request one away from elevators and vending machines. If staying in a city with late night revelers as they come in no doubt you will hear them if located near those areas. Make sure the laundry room if on your floor is further down the hall. You are there to get a good nights sleep without too much noise.

3. Not very conventional
Many hotels have convention centers in them, in fact you might even be there to attend. Ask for a room at least 3 levels above to keep the noise level down while you sleep.

4. Relax Renew Unwind
A warm bath before bed is a great way for your body and mind to relax before bed. Happiness is a long, hot bubble bath.

5. Counting on time
Iโ€™ve had nights of worry in hotels whether the wake up call will be on time or even come through for that matter. Your cell phone should have an alarm but for a better nights sleep bring a small travel clock with alarm for added confidence and a good nights sleep.

6. Tea time
Before leaving home pack some chamomile tea in your bag it works well to calm your thoughts and help you to sleep. Melatonin is very good at relaxing you too.

7. Back away from your computer and turn Facebook off
I know its hard but give up the computer especially Facebook but at least 2 hours before going to bed turn off your computer. Its a mind stimulator that can keep you up for hours.

8. Room with a view
That may not always be a good idea depending on the location of your hotel. Busy streets, busses, late night partiers are a huge distraction for sleep if your room faces the street. After booking your room call the hotel direct to request a room away from the street or trash bins that garbage trucks may be emptying in the early morning hours.

9. The neighbors from H-e-double matchsticks
Ever have one of those neighbors that talk and make noise all night? I have, and even worse when my son was younger, a few times it was enough to make you blush! Donโ€™t feel embarrassed to call the front desk and request a new room. Most desk clerks understand these problems.

10. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Canโ€™t sleep? Rather than flopping over trying to find a comfortable position turn the TV on, lower the sound then find something boring to watch. Before you know it you will be snoring away. If you have bad television reception pick up a magazine or newspaper in the lobby before heading upstairs or grab a book then read until you are tired.


  1. These are all very helpful tips! I was once placed in a room directly across from the elevator, and not only did I hear every conversation, but also every ::ding:: the elevator made when it stopped on my floor. No rest for the weary.

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Does not make for a very pleasant stay when all you hear is “Ding…ding..ding” at all hours. Never understood why they would put rooms right across from an elevator. It would be much wiser use the space for storage or ice and vending machines.

  2. Great post, these are brilliant tips and some which I hadn’t even thought of. Will keep these in mind for when we book our next place!

  3. It’s important to get a good nights sleep in hotels, especially if you’ve got a big day the next day! Great tips, thanks for the post ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Really helpful! I particularly agree that you should always call reception and give feedback – you need to speak up to get things resolved.

  5. Uggggh, I must be getting old, because hotels are the worst. These are some great tips!

  6. If I ever have problems falling asleep, I always turn to my good friend, melatonin! Or I like to do the tv trick, and put the audio just above not being able to hear it. The soft sounds help me fall asleep.

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      That’s a good one Brianna, in fact I do the same thing. There is just something about the TV audio on low that relaxes you.

  7. Lots of helpful tips in this post! One thing I always do is to bring my own pillowcase. I don’t know why but having something that smells like home is comforting and I like the idea of my face being against something that I know is clean and mine. haha Thanks for sharing!

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      That is a great tip Karla, instead of bringing the whole pillow the case would do the job plus you know its clean.

  8. A bath (or shower) before bed is a great suggestion! It always relaxes me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing and happy travels!

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Thanks for sharing Lauren that is a great tip. Maybe bringing along a relaxing bath bomb would help too!

  9. Such great tips! I might want to add, ask for the type of the pillow you used to. I always find pillow plays a massive part of getting a good sleep!

    • twotravelfanatics@gmail.com

      Great tip Mary and that is so true about the having the right pillow for a good nights sleep. John prefers thick fluffy pillows but for me it has to be thin or I’m up all night.

  10. Chamomile tea and a boring TV show are my best bet. ๐Ÿ˜€ Somehow I always fall asleep fast after an exhausting day. I always bring my netbook so I could type an entry to my blog but it never happens. Before I even start typing the title, I’m already falling asleep.

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