Sicily in 4 days (part 2)

Temple of Hercules at the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily

In my previous post on Sicily in 4 days you probably noticed there were only two. What I thought was going to be a quick guide ended up having more information than I expected. Thank you to those who have had the patience to wait for “part 2”. Sicily Day 3 …

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Sicily in 4 Days (part 1)

Piazza della Vittoria near Palermo in Sicily, Italy

Once blackballed by tourism, Sicily has more than just survived harsh reviews. Filled with stunning beauty the island is climbing up to become a top, must see destination. Whether you are looking for gold studded churches, spectacular ancient ruins, trendy nightlife, or just relax on the azure laden beaches, Sicily is …

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Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel

Mercure Eiffel Tower room in Paris, France

I chose this location thinking it would be very romantic and of course you can’t go wrong with a Mercure property. They are clean, usually very modern and never once have had a problem with the service. Seventeen hours in the air and arriving at 7am I was ready to …

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Why Paris

Cruising down the River Seine in Paris at night

What do you think of when you think of Paris? Incredible food? Romance? World class museums and art? Fun?  When you visit you will quickly realize that Paris is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. From taking a leisurely walk along the River Seine, climbing up to the top …

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Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta

Wooden walkway leading up to a jacuzzi situated between two infinity pools

Before I get into the fun times we are having I’d like to give you my thoughts on the Hyatt Ziva All-Inclusive Resort. What I thought from the time we arrived to the time of check-out. First of all when booking the hotel since we were just here for a …

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Arriving Into Puerto Vallarta

View of the sea from our room at the hyatt ziva in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

After a good nights rest we got up early to make our flight to Puerto Vallarta. Lucking out we received a TSA pre-check and got through security in record time. It’s amazing how many people try to sneak their way through the short line, and amazingly enough some actually make it through. I …

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On my way, flying to LAX

Well here I am boarding my Alaska Airlines flight to With an overnight at the LAX Crowne Plaza before heading to Puerto Vallarta. We have perfect weather here in Portland for flying, deep blue skies with puffy white clouds that open up for a grand view of the Cascade mountain range. …

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Puerto Vallarta Get Ready, Here I come!

It’s been 25 years since I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta. Sitting here I’m wondering how much it’s changed in that time. There were no all-inclusive hotels, in fact there were maybe half the hotels along the coast now. There was not much to do back then other than to sit on …

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Plan Your Perfect Vacation (part 2)

You have probably been checking out every vacation magazine article and book you could get your hands on by now. Idea’s are flooding in on where to go and top sights to see while you are there. But still you want to make sure that your two weeks are spent …

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